Is reselling streatwear dead?


I’ve been reading up on Ecom and dropping shipping and I’ve always loved streatwear and I was wondering if reselling streatwear/shoes is dead?


Pretty much - the conversion rates compared to last year are low as hell.

Can you still do it? Yes

Should you do it ? Probably not.


Experienced marketers could give it a shot. Streetwear is mostly about building up a strong enough lifestyle brand that people actually want to spend money on wearing it.

Building up a lifestyle brand can cost a lot of money and all your work can vanish in a week if something messes up your reputation.

But if you really want to try it, give it a shot because if you succeed there will be a lot of money up for grabs.


I know that the bubble for shoes popped a few years ago. You could do it, but it takes much more work now, and the profit per shoe won’t be that high if you buy retail unless its something crazy exclusive/hyped