Is Selfie/Video verification limited to certain countries?

I hear a lot about IG asking for photos and videos for verification, but i’ve never experienced this. Everytime i’m locked out of my account all i have to do is send a verification code to my mail. Are there countries where they don´t/can’t apply this method, or this has more to do with how serious your infractions were?

well, I have just checked a post made by a user about that Video confirmation i have never had that or seen anyone of any close friends getting that i don’t think it’s globally used at least not for now.

I think those kinds of verifications are more serious ones and they have been sent probably only when IG is considering your accounts and actions a bit more problematic.

Yeah I think so. i don’t get that verification type. Are people now still getting selfie verification? I thought IG stopped asking for selfie/video months ago. It’s very buggy especially when you have to send them a video.

Each month they invent different sorts of verifications :smiley: