Is sharing their other account (IG)

Today I noticed on a profile which one of my slaves followed, that once I entered the profile I was notified that the user has linked and is sharing their other account. Just above their profile picture, where the profile name is, there is a dropdown option. When i press that I can see the linked account.

The discussion of this option is also ongoing on reddit, no one seems to know how this is possible for some people and not for others.

I can’t seem to find this option on my own IG app. Is this option only available in some regions yet? And how is this possible? Anyone cares to share this method?
Would like to know for android and ios please.


I had that option with one of my Phones.

All Phones have the option to create 5 Accounts with the same Login details I think (iOS for sure).
When you create a new account on a IG App that already has a account on it, it will ask you if you want to use the first accounts Login details as well. (You have to set a Password if you want to login the 2nd account not by using the first).

On some Devices this options do exist as well but differently.
And there you can create an account “for a certain community” (at least I think that was what it was called).
I never used this option but its the same thing as having multiple accounts as a login. Just Visable to everyone on their Phones.

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@Derdam thanks bud for your 2 cents here. Appreciate it. Now I understand that we can have 5 accounts which we can toggle between ourselfs. But I have never witnessed being able to switch between other peoples’ accounts on their profiles. This is the strange thing.


  1. Above profile picture this scroll down is visible


  1. When press the scroll button this shows up

You seen this before?


I’ve had the option to link my accounts, but never seen anyone actually use it.

I don’t think IG have really shouted about it. None of the big networks or companies in my niche use it, even with multiple subsidiaries that they could easily do it with.

I have seen this as well. I saw a youtube video regarding this -
the video is in hindi but he basically explained these steps - go to edit profile, you’ll have a section for show other accounts, enable the account you want to display on your profile. I have a friend who has this option while I don’t. I think they are either still trying this feature out with a few people or maybe there is something we don’t know that we need to do to use this feature.

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Great share @mahek_manek. So this actually is a feature and not a bug. But this feature has not been released for my geo area yet!
Thanks for tge video btw. Welcome to this forum.