Is something wrong with me?

Hey y’all so down below is why I think something is wrong with me, I have made this so any of y’all who share the same difficulties can have a discussion.

  • I can’t study/revise, after 8/12 minutes I lose total interest and need a break. (Note* Towards stuff I don’t like studying if it was for, IG Marketing or some online stuff I could go for ages, but I feel like that’s because I put all my energy in typing fast and enjoy idk, weird right?)

  • I recently have been making so many spelling mistakes like its actually scaring me, for some reason grammaly does not work for me on this site, and seeing the amount of mistakes I am making is really freaking me out. (*I always check through my posts and threads that’s why you may not see that many)

  • Don’t like authority, now I don’t just mean the PO PO because who does like them? I mean people using command words and saying stuff like " It’s the only way ", "You have to " “There is no other option” "You Can’t ", teachers and people stuck in the rat race aka system use these words a lot.

  • Am I delusional, literally everyone I meet family/friends say the same shit, " You need to study hard, go college get a good job " now I’m not stupid I understand that they so call “Care” about me, and don’t want me to so call “Fail” but sometimes I just think, I really don’t give sh*t about, school and stuff If I honestly didn’t believe I would make a living for myself and was worried, I would get a 9-5 <- Delusional?
    Now you are probally thinking it’s just a back up plan, no harm ! <- Now you sound like my teacher
    ^ Why do I need a back up plan if I beleive in myself 100% and failing is not an option, “No Harm” time wasted and money wasted for college…

  • I feel strange, like when I am around people, I start to analyze them without realizing, why did they look at me like that,did they sign, eyes rolling, etc, I almost feel the energy/vibe they are giving off, I always tend to do that first before I speak, so I can tell the person what they want to hear. I don’t know why but is it a habit is it my body asking me to do that so I can avoid getting into confrontations increase chance of danger? (*I’m not some nerd btw whos socially akward and gets beaten up, it may seem like that so far just keep on reading)

Note: I’m not some fat kid who gets put in the locker and beat up, not me at all.

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Hey there!

I understand how you feel and I’m some sort that way too.
I’m 25 and I just graduated from college(ikr I’m too old LOL.)
It was never my interest to study as I find it stupid to study what you hate just for that piece of paper.
The only motivation for me to go to school was just to hang out with friends and basically my few years in college are all happy times where I just sit in class and talking with friends lol.
Other than that, I hate my course but I was kind of scared iwth the thought that I have to work till I’m old with a job I hate. That was when I kept on reading IG marketing and etc, which I believe the reason most of us is here, it’s because we want to change something in our future and have some extra cash or even to replace our full time jobs with.

About the last part, not to worry since I feel that way too. I’m always afraid of what people think of me and sometimes I never did realise that I’m so quiet around new people because I’m so afraid of their thoughts on me(take note I’m actually loud when I’m around people I’m comfortable with). But over the years, I realize that some how it’s only our mind playing around with us and it’s better to just be yourself. I used to just stay quiet as I’m somehow afraid if I say the wrong things or what to people I just met but I find that a problem which I needed to fix. So I just started speaking up on what I feel and be myself and somehow it made me happier :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing the way you feel with us, if you were not in a class with your friends would you of dropped out? Now that you have graduated how are things going? are you self employed​ doing your own thing, IG marketing etc? Or are you actually using your qualifications to get a job. Hope you don’t mind me asking them questions just curious, thanks :slight_smile:

Not a problem at all, didn’t expect anyone to feel the same way as me to be honest :slight_smile:
I would like to say yes on that. Overall the years of studying, if it weren’t the friends I made in class, I doubt I would even have any motivation to go to school.

My official graduation date is next month but I’ve already done with school since February so I’m kind of just free as a bird. Singaporeans guys are compulsory to go to national service, which is like servng the nation for 2 years and you will be posted randomly to either Army, Police or Civil Defense. So even though I want to work full time jobs but national service is coming soon so I’ve been either working those daily pay event jobs and just working from home with growing Instagram accounts and my dropship store.

I’m actually studied electrical and electronics in my college. Yes it’s interested and all and intern was fun but I could never see myself working in the industry till I’m old. :confused:

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I’m old, and I can tell you, my concentration sucks, especially since the MP forum came about. It’s natural to be able to study something if you have an actual interest in it.

You would think I would be a master typist after all these years, however I spent many years away from a keyboard and am now suffering for it.

As far as spelling, I can tell you, there are days I type something or write it and have to do a double take to make sure. This happens to quite a few people, even if they won’t admit it. And I was the #1 speller in my school, I won every contest. Just wait till you get old!

I never have, never will.

No, your not. But for many people, this is the only way. Many people are brainwashed into being consumers, followers, sheeple…that’s why the follow/unfollow method works, the U.S. elected Trump, and people have crazy debt. Not everyone can be Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, but you can still be a @BrandonBerner.

Could be your age/hormones. I am naturally a but aggressive and dislike people, so it tends to be amplified. I am also naturally very keen on body signals, I wouldn’t worry about it. If you are, just come to the U.S. we have a pill for everything. But the side effects might cost you more than it’s worth.

Personally, I would just say to enroll, do the damn thing, and keep up the hustle. Many very successful people did the same thing and realized that they didn’t need to finish. But who knows? Maybe you learn a new concept, make a new connection (honestly thats the majority of the reason people choose a school/frat etc), the connections you make can be priceless.

Last but not least.

College chicks. That is all.


You always need a “plan b”. (I’m assuming) You’re young, have ambition & think you can grab the world by the balls & bend it to your will.

There’s nothing wrong in feeling that way, nothing at all… however, the cold, hard reality is that it just doesn’t work that way for most people. I’m over 40 & I once felt the same way. I could drive fast & do stupid shit because I was young & would live forever.

Not to sound preachy, but time & age do change your perception. I’m still willing to take risk, but not blindly. Not because it’s cool & makes me look like a badass.

Look at all of these successful people who failed:

Know that saying, “Shit happens”? It’s true! Failure happens - and it’s a normal part of being successful. However, you’ve got to know ahead of time, or at least have a gameplan, for dealing with those failures.

No young person likes authority.

You’re older, so you feel you can handle more & deserve more independence… yet you may not be old enough to actually get it.

That’s life. Learn how to play the game & fight for change from the inside.

I would say you’re perfectly normal.


I can’t either. But I’ve used this as an advantage. Instead of studying hard for hours like my classmates do, I study every couple hours for 5-15 minutes.

Same, when reading my posts on this forum it feels like I’ve only been learning English for a year or two. lol. Even though I consider my English quite good, on this forum it definitely sucks. But who cares as long as everyone can understand you, right? :smiley:

I do neither. Liberalism ftw.

You know what has helped me the most to avoid teachers/friends/family say that shit? Pretending to be aiming for that and not telling them what I’m doing/what my goals are. So right now everyone thinks I am studying hard, wanting to go to university and wanting to get a 9-5 job, even though I’m making money online atm. But I definitely have a backup plan just in case…

It’s the same for me but only when being around adults. Normal adults are so easy to read. They are already brainwashed and it seems like they all think about the same stuff and want the same stuff. I also always do exactly what they want me to do to avoid any conflicts. I figured that it’s just a waste of time to do differently.

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Lots of great stuff here. First off, I have been wanting to post this same topic about myself and see what others think :smiley:

Time to share my view/opinion !

…You may need to take breaks every 10-15 mins when reading this :smiley:

First off, you are likely dealing with these issues now since you are in the stages of becoming and adult. Life out side of school is an entire different world, and you are trying to take what you learned in school out in the real world which is getting you confused a bit. What you need to learn is what parts you learned in school do not apply to the real world.

First off, in school there are 3 categories of things you learn.

  • Basic knowledge on subjects like math, science, history, etc.

  • How to make friends, fit in, be social, deal with conflict etc

  • Respecting rules, and authority.

###Basic Knowledge
The school system is extremely outdated on what they teach kids. They are teaching you basic different subjects, and prepare you for a factory job, and or a job which you will have for the rest of your life. The problem is life is no longer like this. People in the world today do not work at the same place they did 10 years ago. There are also so many more job opportunities that schools do not train you for. The school system kills the creativity since they all teach you only the basics and do not support out of the box thinking.

The only important subjects I think are basic math, and english (or whatever language your country speaks). The reason why I say this is these are the 2 subjects you will use every day of your life. You need a knowledge of math to do taxes, pay bills, budget, and so much more. You need a knowledge of language so you are able to communicate well with others in day to day life.

###Making Friends, Fitting In, Being Social
In school in order to be accepted you need to be someone who fits in with others and adapts to what they do. This can cause you to loose your core values of who you really are as a person, and become more of something you are not just to fit in. You are pressured to be someone you are not. This can cause problems in the outside world as you now need to re-discover who you really are.

In the real world its the complete opposite. You actually fit in with others better when you are unique in your own way.

###Rules & Authority

In school, they enforce so many rules to the point it is impossible not to fail. In addition some of the rules are just completely stupid, which makes you start to dislike authority since your common sense comes into play and you question “Do they really know what they are doing”. Instead, schools need to have logical rules, and pick their battles.

In other words, as a parent, its important to choose your battles with your kids. Enforcing to many rules will cause them to break more rules, and thus make them feel like they will never be able to meet the high standards. They will start to feel that they will never be able to follow all the rules, and loose their drive to try anymore.

With all that being said, the real world is quite similar. Its full of rules, and some are just stupid (Like weed being illegal, and alcohol not). BUT what you need to always remember is that you are not above the law, and once you become an adult you can be fined or go to jail if you choose to break them. So do you best to follow the rules as much as possible and just deal with it. Its better then getting fined or jailed.

Disclaimer: I will be stating some disorders that you may or may not have based on your answers. This is in no way shape or form meant to offend you, or make you feel worse now that you have a label. Instead think of them as a one-word explanation of combined problems. You can now be able to research that disorder, see if it relates to you, and then learn how to deal with it if you have it. This would make things easier for you since you now know the root problem, and can fix/improve yourself.

From a psychological standpoint this fits the characteristics of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) which over 80% of the worlds population has. ADD is commonly associated with APD (Addictive Personality Disorder) which allows you to hyper focus on specific things like hobbies, video games, business etc.

I am the same way. I did horrible in school!!! My worst subject was history (got 13%). I hated remembering names, dates, events, etc. At the time I felt like there was no point in learning all this information as it was useless to what I wanted to do in life. I WANT TO LEARN ABOUT THE FUTURE! Now that I am a bit more mature, I can see the importance of history (but not what the school system teaches). History is great in the sense that you can see others success and failures, and learn from them so you dont make the same mistakes.

My teachers all knew I had amazing potential, and that school was holding me back from doing the things they know I am good at which school does not teach. My teachers actually let me bring in my laptop, and allow me to fix computers remotely (had a computer repair company back then), and I was even excused from class if I need to take a business call.

Lets get back on track…

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and everyone has their own interests. Some may love repetitive work which is the same every day. Others like work that is constantly changing and keeps them excited. Everyone has something they are passionate about and enjoy doing. For you and lots of us here including myself, we all love social media marketing and invest a large amount of time learning. This is what makes us unique from the majority (important for the real life).

With that being said, as an adult, somethings you hate to learn about is a requirement to an extent. So do what you love, and know you will NEED to learn things that are hard and you dont like. Its just life.

Welcome to the club and the world we live in today!

I also have so many spelling mistakes, and I correct my posts whenever I notice something. I especially hate the ones that are not corrected by spell check!

In today’s world, less are hand writing words. They are using electronics which have spell check. Because of this, spelling becomes less of a priority because we become dependent on spell check to fix them for us. Also, whoever made keyboards with different placed keys should die (not really). If you are using a laptop one day, and a desktop another, you will sometimes notice that you are hitting the wrong keys because they keys are placed differently. As a previous technician, I have typed on thousands of keyboards. Some I can type extremely fast on, while others I type like a granny. I have also found that some keys on the keyboard become less responsive over time, to the point buying a new keyboard is important.

Bottom line, if you are wanting to have better grammar

  • disable your spell check, so you spend more time learning how to spell things

  • Or you can write out your entire paragraph, Review each misspelled word on how you wrote it, see if you can correct it yourself first. If you cant, that word has now been imprinted in your mind as a word you cant spell. Now use spell check, and read the correct spelling. Spend 10 seconds or so really analyzing that word and how to spell it. Repeat this process for each word that is not spelled correctly.

  • Or just let spell check take care of it for the rest of our life.

You must hate my posts then because I am quite direct with what to and not to do as I expect most readers are completely lost and need some guidance. I also assume that more advanced users can read my replies, and tweak them.

From a psychological standpoint this fits the characteristics of ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) which is also lined commonly to ADD (stated above).

Most dont like authority, and is completely normal. I have been diagnosed with ODD at a young age. I dont like to be told what to do and when to do it. Especially as an adult. With that being said, a large majority of people in jail have ODD. So if this is something you think you have, you need to learn one thing…You Are Not Above The Law. I learned this the hard way a few years ago. I bought a very fast sports car, and guess what…I never went the speed limit! I would race cars on the road (when no other cars where there), and eventually I got caught…$1245 ticket, 3 points on my licence, and an impound of 30 days which was $1,500. My insurance also went up from $350/month to $575/month (yes Canada has ridiculous insurance rates). At this moment, I finally understood that I am not above the law, and it has changed my life dramatically. I still hate rules, but I follow them (unless there is no punishment :smiley: )

Since I do not like authority in the work place, I chose to be self employed. I now run the show, and can do what I want, when I want. However I still need to maintain customer service and reply to people promptly even though I dont want to.

There are 2 categories of people in the world. Leaders & Followers (Lions & Sheep).

Entrepreneurs, inventors, CEO’s are Lion’s.

  • The majority of leaders have disorders, and never did good in school

Factory workers, 9-5 jobs, are Sheep’s

  • The majority of sheep’s are more regular, and did well in school.

The majority of the world are sheep’s. They just want to live in security knowing they have the same paycheck each and every month. They work their asses off, and still dont make enough in today’s world. As lions, we cannot let sheep’s guide us, we must guide the sheep. They do not see our vision. They do not understand taking risks to get big rewards. They are not innovative, or creative. They just do as they are told. How boring is that! With all that being said, you need to figure out if your a lion or a sheep. Its not easy being a lion, and you will need to motivate yourself at all times, learn from your mistakes, fail, pick yourself up, and make it work.

Also note that your parents were raised in their generation not today’s generation. What they were taught in school, and by their parents rarely apply to kids today. My family always tells me I need to get a job that has BENEFITS (Medical, retirement fund) since being self employed does not. However if you are self employed the possibility of making more than you would a 9-5 job would also cover medical, retirement, and loads more depending on your success.

With that all being said, being a entrepreneur you will need to budget for your medical, retirement, vacations etc. You will also lack job security, so you will always need a backup plan ready. Never put your eggs in just one basket. Especially when it comes to technology which is expanding so fast, and things brand new 6 months ago are already obliterate.

I do this like crazy also, and I love it. Its like mind reading kinda. Human interaction is very complex, and there are lots of factors people need to consider. Reading body language is a very good way to do that as it tells you things about someone that they would not likely say verbally. This is very good in business as you can read your customers to see if they are interested, or want you to shut up with the sales pitch. You can tell if they are confused which will tell you that you need to explain further what you were saying in an easy to understand way.

In regards to doing this solely on the purpose to avoid conflict is not as healthy. There needs to be a balance. You dont want to pick fights with people, but you dont want to be a people pleaser also. You want to be yourself (its not high school)

From a psychological standpoint this fits the characteristics of codependency. This is very common for kids in school to inherit, and will only get worse unless you get past it. In addition to codependency, you may also act this way due to anxiety which the majority deals with.

###Final Thoughts

  • Be yourself (You may have to re-discover this)
  • Be confident
  • Work your your ass off
  • Don’t follow advice from sheep
  • Learn your strengths and weaknesses (Turn weaknesses into strenghts)
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Have a backup plan
  • Have a savings account for emergencies
  • Dont let others tell you who you are.
  • Be unique
  • Research the disorders stated
  • You are not above the law!
  • Always improve
  • Dont let fear prevent you from achieving your goals

DISCOVER WHO YOU ARE! Here is an amazing personality test you can take. It will tell you your strengths, weakness, what jobs work best for you, what type of person you are, and so much more! This test has had the biggest impact on my life!!!

NOTE: Its best to take this test with a family of friend that knows you very well. If they disagree with one of your answers, ask them to provide you with an example, and see if that changes your answer.

PS. I went through this post multiple times looking for spelling an grammar mistakes. Im sure there are still some left though…oh well :smiley:


Something that helps me is meditation, yoga, and being outside.

I like to stretch first thing in the morning, it helps so much. I think you should look into something called Indigo Children. You might find some insight about yourself through others experiences.

I won’t go into it too much, but I’m a believer that we are evolving as humans and are more sensitive to realities. Don’t worry, just remember you perceive what you create. You can make this work anything you want it to be.

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I gotta say that generalizations like these are pretty inaccurate.

I did pretty well in school and I would imagine I’m at least decent as a businessperson having been self-employed for close to 10 years. Some of the most successful people I know were all A students.

Does that mean that if you are in A student, you are good in business, not at all, But, the opposite is also not true.

Same with the 9 - 5 statement. Some of the most hardworking people I know have “regular” jobs… and some of them chose that lifestyle. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone, the same way a 9 to 5 is not for everyone. None is really better. They are just different.

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I completely agree that those who did good in school also have the ability to be a leader (lion). However I find them less likely because they are likely working for a company that they do not own or run since their grades have allowed them to get those jobs. Now those that do not follow the rest, and choose to take the knowledge they have learned and apply that and become a leader, well then they are the smart ones :slight_smile" like your self.

With that being said, there is a huge list of highschool dropouts, and those who did horrible in school.

  • Sir Richard Branson – Virgin Group – over 360 companies – Virgin Records, Virgin Megastores – Virgin Atlantic Airways

  • Bill Gates – Left Harvard at 20 – You know Microsoft right?

  • John Mackey – Sometimes called the Bill Gates of organic food – Chairman and CEO of Whole Foods Market a $3.8 billion Fortune 500 company

  • Ron Popeil – The Father of infomercials

  • Sir Alan Michael Sugar – His companies are Amstrad and Amsair – The star of BBC’s The Apprentice- Has more money then most Phd’s

  • Thomas Edison – Only a few months of formal school – Mom taught him to read, write and do arithmetic – Lights anyone?

  • George Washington – President – General – Done with school by 16 – Won a war

  • James H. Clark – Silicon Graphics, Inc., Netscape, myCFO and Healtheon – Maybe just a bit better off then MD’s

  • Jack Kent Cooke – Canadian entrepreneur – former owner of Washington Redskins, Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Kings

  • Simon Cowell – Executive, television producer and entrepreneur – dropped out at 16 – earned $75 million in 2009 – Heard of American Idol?

  • Henry Ford – Ford Cars anyone?

  • Soichiro Honda – Can you guess?

  • Ray Kroc – McDonald’s – You may have helped make him rich

  • Marcus Loew – MGM entertainment

  • David H. Murdock – Dole Food Company – you probably ate some of his food

  • John D. Rockefeller – Oil magnete – Standard Oil company

  • Vidal Sassoon – Hairdresser – you may have used his products

  • Dave Thomas – Wendy’s owner – Frosty’s are nice

  • Lucille Ball – Actress, model, executive – I Love Lucy

  • Drew Barrymore – Actress, film producer and film director

  • Pierce Brosnan Actor – 007, firm producer and environmentalist – left school at 16

  • Jim Carrey – Actor and comedian

  • Tom Cruise – Actor and producer

  • Robert DeNiro – Actor, director and producer

  • Sean Connery – Actor and producer – he is also a Knight

  • Nicole Kidman – Actress, fashion model, singer and humanitarian

  • John Travolta – Actor, Dancer and Singer

  • Kate Winslet – Actress and occasional singer – Youngest person to accrue six Academy Award nominations

  • Vincent van Gogh – Painter – maybe you learned about him in school

  • Jackie Collins – Novelist and Actress

  • William Faulkner Nobel Price – Novelist and short story writer

  • Gwendolyn MacEwen – Canadian Novelist and poet

  • Herman Melville – Writer, essayist, poet – Maybe you have heard of Moby-Dick

  • Anaïs Nin – French Author

  • Banjo Paterson – Australian bush poet, journalist and author

  • William Shakespeare – English playwright and poet – Romeo and Juliet

  • Jerry Lewis – American comedian, actor, film producer, writer, film director and singer

  • Will Rogers – American cowboy, comedian, humorist, social commentator, and actor – Has an airport named after him

  • Luc Besson – French film director and producer

  • Peter Jackson – Directed the Lord of The Rings

  • Bryan Adams – Canadian rock singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer and photographer.

  • Christina Aguilera – pop singer and songwriter

  • Céline Dion – Canadian singer, songwriter, actress and entrepreneur

  • Elton John – English singer-songwriter, composer and pianist

  • Peter Jennings – A poor student which he claimed was due to pure boredom – you may have listen to one of his newscasts

  • Ronald Reagan – Actor and United States President

  • Margaret Brown – American socialite, philanthropist and activist

  • James Buchanan Eads – American civil engineer and inventor with more then 50 patents – how did he do that without all the school?

  • Albert Einstein – Theoretical physicist, author and philosopher – Swiss Nobel laureate – no way, a school drop out? Yep! E=mc2

  • Garrett A. Morgan – Inventor

  • Wright brothers – Built first succesful airplane – how did they do that without modern schools?

  • Dale Earnhardt – American race car driver

  • Joe DiMaggio – Baseball Hall of Fame

  • Wolfgang Puck – Austrian-American celebrity chef, restaurateur and businessman

  • Paul Revere – Amercian silversmith, patriot during American Revolution

  • Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) – Hip Hop mogul from one of Brooklyn’s roughest housing projects

  • Carl Lindner – United Dairy Farmers company worth over $1.7 billion – did he milk the system?

  • George Forman – Gold medal 1968 Olympics – now he promotes different products – you know the grill right?

  • Gisele Bundchen – Model, earned $25 million in 2009

  • George Bernard Shaw – Playwright – He called schools prisons and turnkeys where kids are kept to prevent them from disturbing their parents

  • George Eastman – Founder of the Kodak camera company. He helped develope the industry that takes all those school pictures.

  • Ansel Adams – Photographer – cool stuff if you haven’t seen his work

There is also an large list of those with disabilities that have made amazing success

There is a HUGE difference between correlation and causality.

You are basically saying that all these people did great, because they did somewhat poorly in school. This is not right.

I can provide you with an equally impressive list of people who did well in life AND did well in school. Does that mean that one caused the other, no.

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I am not disagreeing with you. You are completely right. Whether you go to university, or drop out of school you are still able to be very successful in life.

What I was trying to get across was the school is not the only way to be successful in life. I will edit my post to reflect that more.

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I did not expect so many users to feel the same way. Read through your whole post and couldn’t disagree with anything, I will look into them disorders, after all having a disorder may work out to benefit me if they prove I actually have a disorder, the exam boards have to give me extra time (depending on the disorder) and have to take the fact that I have one in to consideration when marking my exams.

I took the test and still reading through the information they give you, and wow already I’m shocked, apparently I’m a " ARCHITECT " going to do some more research on it but so far everything is sounding just about right.

Life keeps getting more interesting everyday, I need to keep a IRL private diary. (*Might sound weird I know) over the few months let’s see what happens regarding school, work and life in general, I will update this thread or make a new one.

  • You’re points about history couldn’t agree more, the amount of hidden and import history what they don’t teach you in school is shocking.

I wonder how the school system will change in the next few decades, if we will get rid of teachers, I myself mainly learn from online resources what the school provided me with and they honesty are better than teachers themselves, but of course they have their down sides you can’t ask them questions but I’m sure they will do something about that !

I have to agree with @MojoJojo on this. I myself am still in school and the best in class in terms of marks. I don’t really have to study much since I’m by far the best at maths and English in my class. Studying for history and biology and other boring subjects might suck, but I need to be the best in my class. Something always draws me to studying so I can be the best.
Marks beside, I might still drop out lol. I’ve had several talks with the headmaster already and am having fights with teachers literally all the time.The headmaster already told me that the only thing that’s keeping me in my school are my good marks. And even though I can’t really say I’m a Lion or anything yet, I’d probably kill myself before being a sheep. I really can’t see myself working for anyone else but me. I also dream of living financially free very soon.
But I have to agree with your general statement though. Every other good student in my class/school is pretty sure going to be a sheep once. They work hard and in no kind of way smart. They aren’t good at finance/money/logic, the only thing they can do is study all day.

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I didn’t read this much in college!


I never wrote anything to discourage those who do well in school. If you do well in school and are motivated to be the best in your glass, then I want to completely encourage that!

Also keep in mind, little will agree with that statement on the forum here since we are all trying to be independent and be our own boss. Some of us have gone to university, and some have dropped out of high school. Regardless, we are all trying to be independent.

Exactly, that was the point I was trying to get across :smiley:

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I have noticed the more I talk to people, the more normal I become :smiley:

Im glad to hear that you know your not alone with how you think, feel, act.

HA! There you go! Perfect example of using them to your advantage. Just know you will wont get special treatment outside of school. You may however be able to get money from the government for certain disabilities though :smiley:

Very cool to see it was accurate for you :slight_smile:

Do keep in mind that you may still be discovering who you really are. Having a family member or friend take the test with you, may change your results to something even more accurate. If they disagree with one of your answers, ask them to provide you with an example, and see if that changes your answer.

Not weird at all! I do it also, and its awesome.

There are lots of benifits CLICK HERE

I personally think schools should have a mandatory class where students must google random shit that is useful. I have learned more on google and youtube in 1 year than I did in school for 6+ years.