Is still working?

I have finally got my phone number after a few days, though it does not look like a Philippines number. Moreover livechat never works. I believe many people are using speedverify but is it defunct now?

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@kraadnc :thinking:


It does look like the websites been down. I got on at 12pm yesterday and still haven’t gotten a VA

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Was just about to buy some sims hopefully this is just temporary :slight_smile:

Just verified some pvs last night, all good on my end

Same here, but I the website is down i think so too

I got on at 12 am est last night, gmt 5am. The site was down with 403 errors. It then came back up and the individual working had a label as trainee. Sounds like server issues maybe with maybe new staffing. I figured it was maintenance window time so I didn’t think anything of the site having actual issues.


Yes, we are defunct now. Just kidding. :smiley:

Routine maintenance. Fixing a few kinks here and there. :slight_smile:

(Thanks for the heads up @HenryCooper, @dma0245)


@kraadnc Thanks for the information. It would be nice if you could update the information on the site if VA’s are available on specific times, since I rarely see them. I also got my phone number after many days, unlike it was written that’d be ready within a day. Please accept these as positive contribution, since the service you are providing is great.

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the feedback! :slight_smile:

We are up and kicking, and we promise that service will always be available as long as there are users who needs us.

@a1lfrk31fr3frsvf: so sorry for the delay! we try our best to process all orders within the day as long as it’s a weekday, but sometimes it can take up to 48 hours (shouldn’t be any longer than that!) if we have a long queue of orders. In case you need it asap, we can prioritize your order upon request.

@a1lfrk31fr3frsvf: You also mentioned that it doesn’t look like a PH number — we only have PH and UK numbers at the moment, so if there are any issues with your numbers please let us know.

We have also updated our verification schedule and we will be making proper updates on the website very soon to avoid confusion :slight_smile:

Schedule: 24 hours from Monday to Friday
Currently spending Saturdays and Sundays for training so if you’re lucky, a trainee might pick you up.

@kennypowers: there shouldn’t be any errors on the site on weekends, but the live chat will say we’re unavailable.

In case you encounter issues or error pages on the site, please let us know immediately.

Speedy Team


Thanks for the update. Will do. The service has been fine. I’m glad you provided the schedule on here!

Cheers to your growth and training


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I appreciate you guys so much.

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@kraadnc I am very pleased to see directly talking with customers and helping in any means. Will be one of your advertiser from now on. Thumbs up!

Edit: Been waiting for the VA for long hours but the page is just blank. Does it means all VA’s are busy or the service is simply not available ATM? Tried to live chat from different computers and browsers but since 10 days I have only seen it online once.

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Thanks for your service man

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Service has been good lately

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That’s very odd. We’re not having any issues and if a VA is busy with other customers, you’ll get a message on the chat. Sending a pm!

All solved, seems the problem was about my add-on settings. Did it just in three minutes after solving the trouble. Great support @kraadnc

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Awesome! :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to ask the VA to activate your number first before sending the code so we avoid delay in the future.


Hey Bro Your Domain Down…are u Still Giving Service. Kindly Ping Me