Is spintax dead for facebook?

I have been noticing lately when i use the spintax my accounts get banned, but when i DON’t use the spintax, NOTHING happens, or at least it doesn’t get flagged as much so long as i keep my timers right before posting. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Bad spin syntax is dead since 2009. Show us a few examples.

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@Oscar Are you saying that posting the same thing over and over has had less troubles compared to posting with spintax? Am I understanding that right?

Hi @Oscar,

maybe some people could help you if you elaborate a bit:

  1. What kind of comments did you use a) comments that are very short as “Cool” or “nice” b) comments that could be reported as spam (e.g. “If you are looking for a photographer, click on my profile” or "Buy the newest adidas-shoes. Link: ")
  2. How many variations / alternatives are you getting for your spintax?
    You can check this e.g. by copying the code on this website:

Thanks for the info :+1:

Not dead if you do it with many levels of spintax. Not just the usual 1 level spin everyone is doing.