Is the automatic follow/unfollow apps lead to disabling an account?

I am just wondering.
If I am using one of those app and follow the instagram following limits eg. around 1action/120sec.

Would It lead to disabling an account due to spamming or whatever reasons?
You know instagram would just randomly ban accounts with no any explanation.
Just want to make my account safe.

Well, there´s always the risk. It´s against the TOS, but if you respect the limits you should be safe. Some things…
Limits are not the same for each account. Be conservative.
Try not to comment, it is spammy and risky. It is better to grow safe than fast.
Content is key. Try to have good content so you optimize what you are doing, if any.

Gotta agree with the above. It’s all about understanding the limits. And limits are vary from account to account. Myself personally on my business account, week 1 I wasn’t able to follow more than a 150 peoplr a day without getting a block, we’ve since been able to increase that to 900 a day.

Trial and error, I’d recommend using a vetted service like jarvee.

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Using a downloadable app usually leads to bans vs using an actual software.

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So you mean it is more acceptable for instagram using an actual software?

Thanks for you opinion. I will do it safely.

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Many apps can hack your account as well, you have no idea what they are doing with your account or info. They routinely go over abt safe limits and create huge footprints. I wouldn’t do it.

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Agreed! I have used apps, they get you to buy into them buy saying they do it safely, however you have now control or clear visibility of this, you just kind of hope for the best.

They require your username and password as mentioned above, they could use this to like and comment on other peoples posts etc.

Much better to use software in my experience.

You can find out what limits you should use all over the internet, a little google search will find the info you’re after. Just make sure you warm the account up first. :slight_smile:
“Start low and grow”