Is the follow limit monthly still 6000 per account?

Is the follow limit monthly still 6000 per account? Anyone know this ???

I see it from time to time… you are lucky if you got there :slight_smile:

Agreed. 13char

I think yes, it’s still 6000, but there is also daily and hourly limits.
Ofc is not a strict rule, but in general terms it’s about 25 follow x hour, 200 x day, and 6000 per month.


You can triple your hourly limit, just sayin :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @denis1!
You are right, indeed, I’m doing that with some acc, but in general terms is safer to go on the 25 limit.
Ofc if trust score is good, I’m doing rounds of 50 - 75, but not all acc can handle that.

I have managed to follow many for 5 consecutive. Still going great now! :grin:


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With a proper warm-up, all my slaves (= less organic than a real user account) can follow that much after a proper warm-up,

Those which can’t, will be able to after some rest. Those which can’t, in my case it was because they were abused, so if you got over-blocked or abused accounts, yeah i got you, it’s fucked up

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You can do that, but only with 4g proxies and high trust score/aged accounts. Just sayin’

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Incorrect. I know a far cheaper method since 4g proxies are not required.

Still going! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



Dm-ing you :smiley:

Wow, that’s pretty awesome. So I assume JV is working great overall with minimal issues? I’m awful tempted to offload my slaves to JV

Yes Jarvee and the correct configuration!
This account seems do be doing best. It’s a matter of getting the sweet spot with Instagram not detecting Jarvee!

Now is a AMAZING time as so many more people are online!

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Definitely something to consider. The reason I left JV was because I felt like I had to constantly monitor it to make sure I was all in the green

Can you tell a bit more regarding your F/U settings?
Seems interesting :slight_smile:

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What program are you using to follow and unfollow? All mine are blocked and I’ve temporarily given up.

He’s using our software, Jarvee
(don’t pay attention on affiliate link, it’s just for tracking purposes, we’re waiting for sales thread approval).

There’s a 5 days free trial for everyone, try it, see how it goes.

Of course, @T-tech is probably advanced user and configured everything correctly. If he or she :slight_smile: doesn’t mind sharing settings here, that would be great. If not screenshots, then at least some more detailed tips.


I’m still able to do 400 daily follows and unfollows on my personal with no issue. Always suprised when you guys come with 3000-6000 monthly limits

I wouldn’t recommend that in the long run 'cause you could eventually got issues. It’s better to stay on the safe side.