Is the recurring monthly payment Paypal only?


I have tried to apply 2 times with Braintree and both times I got a big NO because we are working with social media. I tried to lie, and to say that is only content and ADs, but they saw the website and then they just refused my application, as they categorized me as “risky business” i was really angry, what does this mean? Is there a NOT risky business on this planet? Yes we manage social media, but we have so many things we offer, not only growth, and if this crashes at one point, we can always turn with ads and content.
Now its been 10 months I am with Paypal, and I truly hate them, as there is NO protection for us SELLERS, but they all about the consumers, Clients can cancel when they want, ignoring my cancellations policy, and that piss** me off! Now I am finally applying for some other payment gateways, so hopefully they are going to accept us. PayMill and are my targets now… finger crossed, it soo frustrating that I have a business that runs so good, and many clients, and I cant find a way to cash, beside Paypal shi**t ahha


It’s Paypal, what do you expect? lol


Team - doesn’t matter if its PayPal (I hate PayPal) or Credit Card processors like Stripe, the consumers have the edge when it comes to chargebacks. I used to get FURIOUS when it comes to chargebacks. I couldn’t believe we would lose a chargeback when we clearly had everything legally in place, but it’s ultimately up to the bank and they love their consumer. I went deep into research, talking to so many other vendors and the bottomline is chargebacks are the cost of doing business and it’s best to simply refund a client. You do not want chargebacks racking up.

Secondly, we have run close to a million USD through Stripe. I’ve never been asked one question and we fully write what we do (grow Instagram accounts for individuals, small businesses, and brands). Funny thing is we make stripe money, but they aren’t helpful with chargebacks. They will do an audit if it gets out of control, but no insight really.

I wish Facebook ads were as easy as Stripe has been to us. Major problems on that front.


Just to rephrase your statement: doesn’t matter if its PayPal (I hate PayPal) or Credit Card processors like Stripe, the things matter is how you treat your customers and your service quality :wink: Which can leads to customer chargeback (if they have bad experiences)


There is one main rule in business. The client is always right. If its impossible to make the client happy - it means something wrong with the service/product is provided.
It may sound a bit odd. But any way. And seems Pay Pal follows exactly this rule.
Few weeks ago i’ve got a pay pal charge back request for the transaction which was made in October 2018. The reason of chargeback request was “unauthorized” transaction. Its a simply scam from the buyer and its obvious. Cuz he decide to point this transaction as unauthorized 3 month later after is was done.
As a proof of delivery PP asked me to provide a tracking number. Tracking number, when we offer a service (not a physical product)… SO, it was impossible and the buyer got full charge back. Thats the way Pay Pal works :wink: