Is the recurring monthly payment Paypal only?

Paypal has become an issue. Is there an alternative method

Check out stripe


Is a regular credit card or debit card allowed?

Yes they process cards :slight_smile:

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Love stripe, low fees in Europe and easy to use.

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WannaCryyy, thank you for the response and the info. I am trying to find where a card number can be used at my online account but not having any luck finding where to switch from Paypal to a credit card. Would you give me a little guidance with this?

I don’t have much experience with its implementation on websites. I did set it up for shopify once only, but I’m sure that there are some wordpress plugins to run stripe checkout or some similiar addons/plugins for your CMS if you use any

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Only Problem with Stripe is the heavy regulation on offshore locations (only Hong Kong & Singapore afaik). Keep that in mind when you pick a payment processor for the long run.

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I may have not been clear on what I was referring to when referencing Paypal versus credit card. I am trying to change my method of monthly payment to MP from Paypal to a credit card. Can this be done with a credit card?

Best is to contact support about that.

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Stripe doesn’t allow Hong Kong companies?

there are quite a few nowadays, some specilize on recurring payment for saas services

Stripe only allows Singapore & Hong Kong as offshore locations. Every other location that is allowed by stripe has strong regulated tax brackets.

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you can check braintree, i think it’s owned by paypal tho. i’ve used it last year

i really have no idea kf ever possible. But how how about making a payment processor just for the im market? without any change of chargebacks without a good reason…

2CO, Square, Braintree, Stripe works fine!

If you are not living in a supported country, you would need to register a company (then register a bank account) in order to use them :wink:

How do u guys use the stripe ? They do not allow all what is related to the social media.
Followers, likes, growing… Doest matter how to call it, let it be “client management”. But its restricted by default.

Even there at MP i’ve seen some threads where people told about issue with stripe and business such like that.

OP didn’t specify his requirement and only ask for alternatives, which we gave him, nothing wrong with that :smiley:

If he said his service is providing social media services, then things will be different.

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i use them. No issues here. in the beginning they had some queations, i told them i am great in hashtag research and organic growth :joy:.

But i have 0 chargebacks. some refunds,but they just asked, i refunded. no disputes, no stress.


Cool cool. Many thanks for info :slight_smile:

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