Is the value of IG accounts with followers skyrocketing?

Yesterday out of curiosity, i inquired the purchase price of a few IG accounts with engagement and followers.

I wanted a IG account around food. Not totally sexy but thats the blog content i require the IG account to relate to.

Here were the prices for the IG accounts: (ive slightly increased or decrease the dates, numbers and dollars to protect the seller accounts but this seller was not from mpsocial anyways).

Junkfood Account: 27k followers, last post Nov 2018, 300 likes = $319
Desserts Food: 9k followers, last post Oct, 700 likes = $129
Lifestyle: 7k followers, last post Oct, 250 likes $125
Lifestyle: 7.5k followers, last post Nov, 170 likes $118
Travel: 18k followers, last post Oct, 450 likes $220
Travel: 15k followers, last post Oct, 680 likes $170

Ive used this vendor before, but i mean the last time i bought a 6k account with them in the easily growable fashion niche was for $45 with good engagement. The account is doing well, 18k now and good engagement.

After seeing the costs to buy an IG account with followers, i was just tempted to make my own account in the niche. Hey its free right.

Do you guys feel that buying IG accounts getting more and more expensive?

Yesterday I sold 150k travel page with good engagement at 500$

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Where did you sell it? BHW marketplace? Can you add some trustworthy sites name?

have you tried Flipmass?

It’s required some kind of invitation code. Are you using it personally?

The demand is growing. So I’m sure the prices would rise too.

Although, at times a lot of sellers can be overzealous with their asking prices. Just have to negotiate and go with the flow at first.

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Damn, I would have bought that. Looking to add a travel account to my network.

That seems like a waste…but to each their own.


Everything is related to niche, quality and engagement but the average prices per 1000 followers is 10$-13$.

Would you say that the niches that are easier to grow like a women’s fashion or makeup account is worth more? Although it seems there are more accounts out there.

Or that a niched down account for example like Marvel action toys with average engagement is worth more because there arnt as many of these accounts but they are also harder to grow?

600-800 below market value.

Those be overpriced --every single one

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So @Alexnvo, looks like most of your accounts aren’t having shadowban symptoms any more?

It comes and goes for the majority of my accounts. No real follower loss and they grow or stay the same size. I honestly don’t know what to do right now. Overall my accounts grow total number of followers just at a super snail pace. Makes me wonder how those ones with hundreds of accounts in master slave setups are doing. Probably way below average. On the 16 of this month all numbers went up. History tells me activity picks back up February to normal levels and near spring break will come to a crawl again and pick back up. However I know history does not repeat itself in Insta


Thanks for the answer. I just noticed I should asked about this in your “internal IG thermometer” thread. I posted in the wrong place lol. Anyway, I really appreciate you posted about the new pattern you have noticed about IG. That keeps me (and I believe many others) sane with IG :sunglasses:. And if even you can’t understand what’s going on with IG these days, it feels kinda relieving to me. :sweat_smile::sunglasses:

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My account has 3k followers, 7% ER and is verified with a blue badge! I wonder how much would that cost !

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Flipmass scammed me lol took my 120k account.

Thanks for your review. So now where did you sell your accounts?

The scammed you or a buyer scammed you?

There are some people on here so thirsty for a Blue Badge like it makes them instafamous.

How much would you let it go for? PM me if you dont want it public