Is their anyway to get more information on why my account got disabled?

I have tried everything to get my account back but it just seems like I am not getting it back.

Is their anyone I can contact to get information on why my account was banned or to get the account name back at least?

I am too paranoid to create another IG account and waste money, time and effort to get disabled again without a reason why…

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If you really want it back you have to harass IG, follow Henry’s tutorial, as for why you were banned, it really depends on a lot of things but in general, inside of you, you know exactly why you’ve been banned.

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I posted the profile picture of our competition winner (this was all written in our terms) on our story and she didnt want to claim her prize by sending us a video. (which is all written in our giveaway terms and conditions) and because she didnt want to send a video, she claimed she had reported us for harrassment and false claims. But whether Instagram takes our Competition TOS in to consideration I am not sure, and we sent out a few commercial direct messages to promote our account, nothing major though maybe 40-50 messages over a span of 5 months. None of this is serious enough to get disabled without warning though…

But I would like to know the exact reason, so I know 100% why I got banned. So I do not run into the same problem.

If she got enough people to report you, she might be the main cause, as I said your only way to get it back is really to harass them, also try to automate the harassment.


Thanks for your help. Any idea how to do this automated?

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Yea have something to send emails automatically :wink: (Learn a programming language or pay someone to make one for you), if you wanna start I suggest python (that’s what I use)