Is there a good Pinterest image scraper

I have reached google’s 5th page looking for it, i think there is nothing beyond that.
So , anyways, i know massplaner has an inbuilt pinterest scraper, but either i don’t know how to use it or it’s impossible to pull out large amount of pictures :?
So Does anyone know a decent pinterest scraper that could pull out images based on likes count?
Thanks in advance :+1:
Best offer i got on freelancer so far is 25$, so really anything lower then that goes :rolling_eyes:

I am pretty sure Mass planner does this mindeswx. Check it out in the publisher section of mass planner

Sorry to hijack the thread but i am also wondering about this tool. When i try use extract pinterest posts from URL, it does not work. It opens up the board url i paste in in MP browser scrolls to the bottom and then closes. It doesn’t download any images. Any body know why?

I want to download pinterest boards and then use the description for the image as the name i tried google plugin called pin down but that doesnt download the caption. Any help is really appricated.

Just to check, do you have a Valid Pinterest acct in your Social Profiles?

@mindeswx have you tried

I would not think it matters, i can downlaod images through the search keyword, just not when i put in extract via URL.

Another problem i have is i dont know how to extract the photo description and put it as the photo title from pinterest? is that possible?

I can’t test it atm but you may send an email to support so they can check it out.

Nope, extracted description will go to description of the post

Yep thanks. send a email to support and they sent my logs to the developer team to look at.

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Not sure if i fully understand this, but i’m not getting any caption or description scraped via the tool. Is the tool not meant for such task or is there another way?

Sorry, it will only scrape images. You can use the Flickr/Pinterest Post option in campaigns if you want to include the description.