Is there a Instagram Purge happening?

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to know if any of you have been seeing a recent drop in followers? Since about the 24th or so of March both my business and personal account have hit a point where they are sort of stagnant. Analytics tell me my business account is losing about 30 followers a day, and gaining around that much. Engagement has dropped a little.

Wondering if there is another purge going on and the recent drop is from IG deleting fake accounts?

What you guys think?


This is happening ALL THE TIME! Nothing new.

If you pay attention to the online space (read forums), there is a thread similar to yours almost every single day. Don’t worry about it, it is not personally against your accounts. You just happened to notice it now.

Now go back to work and gain 10 x 30 followers a day :slight_smile:

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I did get a lot of my Ad accounts and a few legit accounts phoned and captcha within the last 48 hrs.

hahahaha that makes sense. thanks!