Is there a limit for reply comments?


I am attempting to engage more with my audience and I thought that replying back to comments on my posts would be an effective way to do so, so I was just wondering if there is a limit for amount of reply comments you can do or if the limit is only for comments on other people’s posts? I just really don’t want to be hit with an action block.


People are using bots for this and they are growing fast asf man,I recently saw a person doing it.Now in progress of making this bot,will let ya know if it’s done!

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I believe there’s a limit. I haven’t tried doing it manually but I use J to like comments and have the option reply to comment after like comment checked. I got actions blocks on my accounts, but i think that’s because my settings were aggressive and my spin syntax was not complex enough.

There has to be a limit, but it’s probably not that strict as if you would make comments on other users posts. You can try one day to only reply on comments and not comment on others posts, see how it will go. Of course in case that you get many comments daily :slight_smile:

There’s a “comment limit” at the moment your quote with “@” the one who you want to reply to. It actually automatically quote the user you’re gonna reply to.

So you will need to first erase the @username at the start of the comment, then you can reply to comments as much (or way more) as you want. I actually replied to more than 100 comments in a row on my own page, with this trick :point_up:

But was blocked due to the @username. So remove it.

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