Is there a method to have a legit history with 1 account

Client accounts will not face a lot this issue bcs they have a long history of legit behavior , but what about slaves how can we make it ?

is there some providers who sells account that have this type of account not simply aged one , bcs i think now what is the most important is trustscore , so even if i buy aged one and the account don’t have a history of usage it will not help

Look for “bruted” accounts from trustable providers.

Those come already with a legit history.


this ones are not the haked account that was used by real user ?

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they are hacked account, a.k.a. bruted, and sometimes they come with cookies

i think with cookies it’s better , what you think can lead to less blocks account history or age of account ?

there is only one way to find out - test it

Take the time to warm your accounts up yourself. You’ll be surprised the difference it makes when a hq account is properly warmed up from birth.

When buying bruted accounts do you just block their friends or what? That feels quite suspicious to me.

I’d feel weird promoting something on an account that someone was just using a day ago for their personal stuff.

Bruted accounts are not worth it, in my opinion. You wouldn’t want your account getting hacked but you are buying them in bulk and encouraging the hackers to keep doing it…

Also, the trust score will get destroyed in no time anyway - you’ll login from a different place, the email is changed to in 99 cases out of 100 and you get rid of all the posts and block everyone who the account owner was interacting with. You also change the phone model.
I have bough these accounts in the past (before I knew they were hacked), I returned most of the accounts to the owners since there were so many personal details involved it’s not even funny - I was even offered $50 by one person since the account was that important to her (of course, I didn’t take the offer).
Other accounts were suffering from low trust score anyway and were posting without captions.
Just make new accounts and act smart - it is better in every way possible.

The only bruted accounts I would consider getting are the ones with zero posts, zero followings and no profile picture - inactive ones. But you will not get the “history” you so desire

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so what do you suggest instead then ? because for me i faced lot of issue with simply aged account and less with account that was having history what if when changing location pause with no action for 48 hour then warmup slowly with FBE and slowly follow 5-15 , and for deleting pics changing bio you wait 1 week after insta get used to your actions

How about new accounts instead? It’s all about account creation, not age anyway.

Get some quality accounts (or make yourself if you know how to), add them to bot (not all at once), wait 24 hours, reprofile them (again, not all at the same time), wait 24 hours more and start actions.

There’s really no point in aged accounts. The only benefit they had over the new accounts is the ability to do mass views without getting banned (while it worked).

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i saw that now there is a less rikier way it’s mass poll method it’s like massview just you engage with te polls and answer them

also for new accounts i think it depend on the provider a lot too especially in this period where every detail count

Aged accounts work great in my experience. Having previous history on them works in your favor. Changing the username, bio, etc wont lower the trust if you know what you’re doing. Out of all my accounts, the ones that have been running for 1y+ are all aged when I started them.

That’s the thing - they had better trust scores before, but not anymore.
Try aged accounts and new accounts right now and you’ll see quite a difference.

No one is arguing that aged ones worked better a year ago, it was true :slight_smile:

but i think either aged or not trustscore is THE THING that will make an account run with or without issue

I’m adding new accounts every other day as I’m scaling, and I find that with aged accounts I’m able to perform more actions, with less blocks then when I try brand new accounts. And I’ve tried accounts from pretty much all current suppliers… all 4g accounts, both iphone and android. Don’t get me wrong, not all aged accounts are equal. A lot of them are trash and you will get the confirm this is you. Just have to find the right supplier.

I am aware that it shifts constantly, on which they give more favor to. But at the current, with the proxies I’m using, aged accounts perform excellent.