Is there a real alternative to botting? Instagram's war on botting

Just read this article and would like to hear what you have to say about it.

If this is true, what is left to do then?
And to be honest is there any alternative to automated botting, except paying my niece with candies to do it manually for me :smile: ?

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The only alternative to this dilemma is called: Provide value and pay for IG ads. And not to forget: Obey Facebook. :smile:


:smiley: ofc pay pay pay what else :wink:

but anyway do you say this article makes sense?

I think you want to read this


as @jcmatoskx says take a look at the topic. We don’t have to worry about this. Is just a click bait topic /tittle :slight_smile:

PD: are you from Spain?

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The article is complete non-sense, it’s always the same ‘doomsday thinking’. Where’s the prosperity mindset? Let IG do what they want, I’ll find a way around ! :slight_smile:


That’s why I posted it here,
to see what you think. Usually never read this crap but this one seemed scary :smiley:

Would like to but can not access it :slight_smile:

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Not from Spain :slight_smile:

this article is a person who does not know anything about bots. The public api used will be killed yes, one problem :smile: no good bots use this. right there is a fundamental flaw in this article when it is based on this idea. Simply content, nothing more.


One scary thought that comes to mind though, is that once the public API is gone, it’ll be even easier for them to track suspicious behavior while having less automation tools accessing their platform.

Better, worse, don’t know yet…


I do not think so. The public API requires access to developers Oath 2.0 access, a code needed to use it. The rest still remain invisible. Also, it is not hard for Instagram to track down accounts which follow 300 to 1200 a day, day after day, week after week. They already know. Those automation tools really will not change, just the coded needed to interact with it. See, only the key changed to the door, nothing else and we will can go in since we never used it.


We keep on discussing botting as a under the radar activity that IG is unaware of. I hope we are all 101% clear that botting can super easily be spotted by any type of basic algorithm that has all the data.

Hell, we, the normal folks, can see who is botting just by looking at Social Blade data and this is probably a very tiny fraction of all the data IG has access to.

If IG wanted all bots dead and all bot accounts gone, it is most likely 3 lines of code and 15 minutes of someone’s time.

There is no war on botting and there never was. IG is letting us play in their sandbox because we are good for business. If that ever changes, we’ll be gone in a matter of hours.


if this happens, millions of accounts gone. Big news on t.v. how Instagram lost followers, see others follow the crowd and go to other social media. They want to avoid Facebook few years ago when 18-25 age group dropped like a rock

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This is not Snap, so TV news and other media outlets would not affect their day (or stock price) even one bit :slight_smile:

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I respectfully disagree. With the Russian election thing( facebook is now trending in news )

I’ve noticed a slight change in the past month but mostly in the reach of video post as suppose to images. Videos don’t have the same reach as before. I’m still seeing 2k likes on some of my posts with 55k followers account.

Was exactly what I thought in December when the challenge loop started… if they want, we are out… seems they don’t care enough… yet.

I just got this article from a client this morning and I usually don’t pay attention but I thought heck, why not read it. And yes, it did sound scary. I came on here to look for clues. Specifically about the API deprecations they listed happening in July 2018:

Follower List – ‘read the list of followers and followed-by users.’
Relationships – ‘follow and unfollow accounts on a user’s behalf.’
Commenting on Public Posts – ‘post and delete comments on a user’s behalf on public media.’

Which they claim will kill the f/unf method. And which apparently is true because it’s written by Facebook themselves here:

It’s already been confirmed by several people here that these changes will not affect MP in any way. I won’t pretend I know anything about the API or MP’s source code, but this is what we’ve been told.

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