Is there a thing as 'engagement services'?

By engagement services, I mean, charging clients by providing automated comments on other people posts to get seen. I already am aware of story voting & story viewing practice. Just don’t know about posts engagement.
If yes, do you provide it?
If yes, how do you charge for it?

Interested too. Do story views still work? I heard IG bans people pretty quick.

Omg is it?
I didn’t know that.

How about you mix it with other engagements?
For example you view stories from 3 hashtags then you went on to explore page to engage and then again came back and watched stories from 4 hashtags and again you went to engage with hashtag feed posts and then came back again to view stories of say 3 hashtags etc and so on

How quickly does it ban?

Basically, you’re describing a process flow automation (not just engagement).

I don’t know if Jarvee can do this, but you can easily “automate” this by hiring a VA to follow your process flow.

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Thanks for the info about Jarvee.
I am a non-jayvee user anyways.
and I can do this using my own automation system.
I am just concerned about my IP getting banned, if I am doing it on multiple accounts. Although I would be doing it on multiple accounts, I would be doing it only on one account at a time. Do I have to be concerned?

If you’re doing it one at a time, what is the break period when you’re switching to another device?

Do you mean, switching to another ‘account’?

If yes, then I might switch to another account in about half an hour. Not planning to automate beyond 30 min in one go.