Is there a tool for this

i want to mass modify images by branding image and post while having a unique reconizable design as it increases engagement and authenticity of the account like this one :

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You should be able to achieve this with any photo editor program like photoshop. Just got to make the original template and watermark one time and copy and paste it pretty much.

Canva may be able to do something like this too.

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I have a custom made tool for that. If you are interested, you can get in touch with me. I’m able to create such posts in a minute:


(maybe i just found the guide about what you mean ) like this ?

how can it work te same with videos ?


No, it’s much more difficult.

i usually use Canva

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yes but canva can’t be scalable and it is done manually 1 by 1 it takes lot of time , lso wo knows if it’s possible to do same thing for story format ? it will be interesting instead of just reposting simple story of competitor

Yes I want to know that too

Generally speaking automatically produced images will NOT increase your engagement by very nature, and you’re better spending a couple of minutes of your time to add a watermark or paying someone than trying to get around the system.

What you’re failing to realise is that you can’t bulk download 500 images and match them with 500 quotes because the quotes won’t be relevant to the images.

If you had a quote about tigers then you would need to specifically download a tiger picture, and then it’s not automated.

Do you get what I’m saying?

Unless you have a quote page inside a specific niche (travel let’s say) or even motivation, and no matter what the pictures always make sense alongside the quotes.


Theoretically it can be automated, and it’s not so complicated either.
When downloading images you can get alt tags like so -

You can find more image sources in this thread -

Then you would just get all nouns from your quote fx. -

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”
― Marcus Tullius Cicero

You can test it out with online tool such as this one to get the idea -

So we are getting back 3 nouns from this qoute -

a room


marcus tullius cicero

Then we can use any image that has either “a room” , “soul”, or “marcus tullius cicero” in their alt tags.

Is this a failproof method? - No.
Can it be improved? - Yes

Even going through the images and their quotes you can check if the picked image fits the quote correctly. Should we make such script? :thinking: :thinking:


thats some nice idea and yeah i 100% agree it need to be tweaked so it be even more effective like with scraping mass alt+tag niched pics and then from that you have pic+the quote
for the scriptit can be somethin that automate this process +autoadd the branding part

You can try xnview com bulk image converter, I think you need to pay for it, but it also has a freeware version.