Is there a tool/software to see how someone grows an alarming rate?

Here’s the story - an influencer, who has her own website and receives around 50-60 follows per day and other days more. sitting at around 70k - gaining around 3-4K per month

Another influencer (our competitor) was sitting around 120k and now at 190k

In 4 months she grew 70k followers gaining around 1k per day and some others days more
Or less.

she is not doing m/S method as there are no fan accounts with her name
She can’t run ads as she’s in the adult niche
She barely posts stories
Her engagement is real because her website traffic has increased dramatically within those 4 months. (I know this because I monitor through similarweb)

is there a way to see how this person is growing so fast?

Make her/him as a “Close Friend” - that way you will see if they are advertising through IG Ads. Other way you cannot see the strategy - maybe there are stories, maybe posts maybe story sharings, maybe website traffic.


Hey thank you for the response.

How will having them as a close friend be able to see their ads?

You mentioned she is an influencer AND in the adult niche AND they were already at 120k followers. If those were real, and engagement on the page was good, which it usually is for an influencer in that niche, its entirely possible she hit the explore page a few times, and could be that much larger pages are reposting her photos and @ing her or tagging her and their followers are jumping over to follow her.

Just my guesses.


you don’t necessarily need fan pages in you own name. you ca report and tag and put the name of cien ton the bio plus send limited dms. 100 slave account sending 30 messages alone is enough to help kick up of growth. import demographic followers that are small (<700) and active and from countries that like the type of your client. This can be replicated. just depends on the price like always

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I noticed he wrote that too after I hit send and didn’t feel like editing, but just like @quorumlab said, most people doing mother slave don’t make slaves with the name of the master, they would make a “hot babes page” and send DMs saying follow X influencer. You would never know if they are doing it or not, that’s why it was such a prolific service to offer.


in the same line of thinking you also just start posting in the fan pages with her own hashtag , build a hashtag with her name. after 10 post you would have a 100k hashtag that is surely to get notice and re used


Being in the adult niche in itself can definitely help too, just saying.

Not that it is necessarily in this case, as I’ve had struggles growing that type of page before, but if you find the right accounts to follow you it just shows up in the right places and followers keep coming on their own, pun intended… heyoo.

As an aside, someone I’ve worked with is the same way, she just keeps growing, has surpassed me in the thousands while I’ve posted the same photos of her and barely scraped by.

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What do you mean after 10 post there is a 100k hashtag? I don’t understand this

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The girl I am working with is also in the adult niche, however she doesn’t grow like this. Which is why it’s so weird!


If I understood it, I’d be able to compete or at least have a bit more success, but alas I have not - at least not without accounts being deactivated multiple times thanks to being reported by prudes.

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how will making them a close friend all you to see if they are advertising through IG Ads?

Like others have said, this could be a case of M/S with the slave accounts having generic usernames. That would be hard to trace back to her acct.

I think in some cases like this it may help to look at what other channels she is getting engagement/traffic. For example if she has an onlyfans, twitch, popular twitter acct, etc. These will all contribute to her increase in IG followers, especially on IG since IG is the most visual social media platform. If she is on a leaderboard list on onlyfans, she could be getting hundreds of thousands of visitors per month, and a byproduct of that will be an increase in engagement on IG because those are real people

Another possibility is shoutouts from other adult accounts or some similar niche

Shoutouts and collabs with other influencers in that niche probably

I also had slave accounts that were in names that were not similar to my main but this method has completely stopped now for me. Because none of the slave accounts can send even one automated DM anymore due to blocks.
Do you guys really think that anyone is able to do this these days??

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