Is there a tool that can like a page with a page?

Hi, i need a tool that can automate to add a business page with a bisness page.

I can do that by hand with mu personal profile en then like the page and the i like also the page with my business page. But maybe there is a tool. I can find it.


Greetings from Holland.


Have you checked if Jarvee can do that?

Yes and aks them but no response and i can’t find it. Thats wy i ask here.

There is a function that u can like a post with your Business page but liking another business page is more diffecult. It works with a drop down menu in FB.

you should maybe look for a script that do that. But honestly if you send to Jv team they will answer you. sometimes it takes some day but they will definitly

Thanx for the reply. I will do that.

Do you have a tip where to find scripts?