Is there a tool that can sort ALL posts of a IG Page by engagement?

The title says it all basically.

I’m currently using the scrape tool of followplaner. It can sort posts by likes, views and comments. But it doesn’t take into consideration ALL posts of a page, only the most recent ones.

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The tool / website I used is:

Once you try it out you will be incredibly thankful lol


I think @madcell is looking for engagement stats for other accounts - not for his own.

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The tool up above still works for personal as well as public.

MORESO you’ll probably like this tool as well Mojo.

Just quickly tried this out. I like it, even though it takes relatively long to scrape all the posts of it’s a couple of hundred, it’s exactly what I need to do repost research. thanks a lot!


I was looking for the exact same thing. Thanks for the recommendation!

I had a few problems making it work but the team is A+! After a few emails back and forward I got it fixed and running.

I’m going to start testing now.