Is there a way to find all the FB groups someone is in?

Is there a way to find out which FB groups someone is in? Including the private FB groups that you need to request in order to get in. Thanks

As you can see, Jarvee has an option can help you with that

if that what you are looking for you can check Jarvee from here:

Actually, such kind of graph search isn’t working anymore.

For now, we can only find PUBLIC groups which someone joined. If someone is interested in, pm me for detail.

I’m getting error 168, maybe it’s not supported anymore? I don’t see JV visiting the page on EB.

Also if I visit on EB manually, i get redirected to the profile page.

So you are saying that it’s possible to see the groups someone joined even if it’s not public?

I mean if you can give me a Facebook profile, I can give you a list of PUBLIC GROUPS which that person joined.

For example: You joined total 6 groups: A, B, C, D, E, F.

  • A, B, C: Public groups
  • D, E: Closed/Private groups
  • F: Secret group

Then the results which I can give you is just: A, B, C.

Hope that makes sense.