Is there a way to scrape facebook pages?


I am looking for a way to scrape information of off facebook pages, info like name, website likes and that kinds thing, i have done an extensive search but al i get is about user scraping

Is there a way to do that with MP or another bot?




My first thought would be scrapebox. Or do you need to be logged in to do page scraping?


Yeah i tried that of course but there is not a way that i can find to scrape them, according to loopline is is because of the java that is used in FB


Hmmmm, thought it might be too easy that way haha. I can see that this would have a lot of benefits.
When I was doing more FB ads; there was a tool called Companionlabs which would scrape ad targets (FB pages/audience behaviours etc) and evaluate them as you go.
Connectio/connect explore do something similar.
I realize these are business products and not a nice cheeky bot; they themselves may not be the direct solution. Just more doors to open. They might lead somewhere though.
Sorry man, wish I could help more.


Not sure this would work, I’m assuming you already tried it?


Yeah that is not the info I am looking to scrape, I need the on page information, not the users info

I’ll have someone write me some bot as what I am looking for is not found anywhere, it is all about users info and i only need the number of likes and if they have ever used ads before (you can check that) i use that info to cold email the owners of those pages and show them a way to make more bang out of their ad buck :slight_smile:

Thanks anyways guys