Is there a way to send welcome message to the one who liked

in contact tool there is “send message to new followers” , can i do the same for “new likers” ?

Not directly as far as I know. You can “extract users” in contact tool and extract likers of specific accounts. When all likers have been messaged it should only extract newest likers. So its kind of a workaround.

um interesting will try it out and is ther a dm limit even for user who like and follow?

What do you mean with limit? Dms per day?

yes limit of dm sent , because from what i know if user answer dm ig dont limit you

I’d say 20-30 dms to diffrent accounts fine, shouldnt go above that. Yes if its just in 1 chat and person replies to you theres actually no limit.

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20-30 or like 50 or so if they follow you.

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