Is there another way to appeal to instagram about my disabled account

instagram appeal links isn’t working for me it’s not letting me send in any appeals for the past 2 days now. is there another way i can send in appeals to restore my account?

What email provider are you using? If you’re not getting any more responses try to appeal from a reputable email provider. It doesn’t matter if it’s different from the one you signed up on. They will still send you the code even if its not on your account.

Use this link to appeal (still works)

Don’t send from the app, use the browser.


Just remember to always select US and A. Doesn’t matter where you from.

so do i just keep appealing using different emails and that’s it? and how long does it take them to respond back

Do it from one account a couple of times and wait 3-12 hours for a response. In my experience you’ll get it soon after. Keep trying and have patience (don’t send 50+ appeals in at the same time it probably looks really sketchy)

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My appeals are now being submitted through the app, it hasn’t been working the past few days maybe they did an update! Try it guys

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which works better in app or browser appeals?