Is there any automation service we can trust these days?

Hi Friends.

Like we all know that the automation tools are outdated and we all were looking for new strategy’s to grow, after the hard block in June 2019, I bought a couple of phones and made it my day job to grow my clients manually, now I’ve been out of the ‘‘automation’’ game for a while, I’m curious if there is any new software to grow. or any other strategy’s.

I sometimes get like 5 new clients a day

You guys have any idea’s?
Help me out plz


It depends, what you are looking for exactly?

  • If it’s for a tool, there isn’t much available to the public and still functional, best shot would be to hire a dev for a custom automation workflow that will fit your needs,

  • If it’s for a growth providers/partners, we are still many on the game growing accounts out there. Indeed, there might be waiting lists here and there, as the demand is very high.

Also, very important, ask your clients what’s their goal. They all have different ones and you might find alternative service/product to sell to them, in parallel to the growth. Clearly, there are now many platforms (not only IG), and within each one of them, many automation possibilities and so services. Some want growth, some want leads, others only engagement… So try to find good tools or partners for each one of them, and you should be fine.

As an example, we are currently implementing AI to most of our products. Try to think everything that could be added to your services as an extra, which would be a great plus for your clients :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!

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Thanks a lot! can you PM me your website?