Is there any automation tool to trust these days?

Hi Friends.

Like we all know that the automation tools are outdated and we all were looking for new strategy’s to grow, after the hard block in June 2019, I bought a couple of phones and made it my day job to grow my clients manually, now I’ve been out of the ‘‘automation’’ game for a while, I’m curious if there is any new software to grow. or any other strategy’s.

I get like 5 new clients a day, and can’t keep up anymore.

You guys have any idea’s?
Help me out plz



Yes, Jarvee :slight_smile:
it’s not easy but 100% possible, here you can see the settings we shared a few months ago - 🤖 Jarvee Instagram Settings 2022 🤖 - YouTube
you will need more scrapers accounts for your mains and it’s much more scalable then manually work by yourself

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I have hundreds of accounts working without issues using Jarvee. Just make sure to get high quality proxies and accounts. I get everything I need from the marketplace here in the forum.


Jarvee’s still the best way to go. Lots of people still use it successfully. Of course, you’ll need to find your own setup and settings that will work for your accounts.

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Do you know of anyone who does the right configuration of Jarvee to grow without risk of blocking and who charges a fixed price for this configuration?

Unfortunately there is no 100% risk free way atm. Theres always risk with IG reigning terror as it has been. Key is to play safe as you can.

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You can send an email to the support team to get some of the recommendations used which works well for most clients. :slight_smile:

How much do you charge your clients for a growth service?
I find this unprofitable now. So stopped, I had many clients and still got requests but my problem is providing a quality service at an affordable price.

I would like to sell the growth service at around $300 per month, not more.
People looking to grow with automation are usually small businesses in my experience, and the don’t want to spend more than that.

I tried to subcontract an agency that does growth so I could concentrate on getting more clients and scale, but a good agency is asking for at least $200/month per client, so I am left with $100 profit, which is not enough considering taxes and customer support.

Been growing huge influencers with some celebs and big brands too, eventhough most are not familiar with automation and rely on white hat growth. They can’t use what they don’t know :slightly_smiling_face:

Quite the thing, yeah. We’re working with 30+ agencies so maybe these few hints can help you out :

  • Charge more. Some agencies charge x2 what you charge for the same service, and still keep clients for months this way.

  • Impossible to charge more ? Make sure you believe in your product, which should be as unique as possible, and bring on the table what your client is looking for.
    Still doesn’t work ? Provide an additional value of some kind. Content advising, SEO, networking,… It can be whatever. Some agencies also do media production on the side, and they use that for multiple clients. As long as you know what wants your customers, you know what you can offer - or not.

  • Open your eyes to other social medias. Instagram is good. But come on, focus on IG means earning 10-20% of what you could really earn as an agency reselling service. Get a pen, and try to specialize in a new social media every new month coming. Unleash the diversification.

  • Another possibility would be for you to find 1 (or few) reliable partners that are in the hustle with you too, with each one of you guys having 1 good & competitive skill. I’m saying this as it’s the majority of success cases, eventho I’m not much myself into these kind of partnerships, but I know for a fact it’s faster & more efficient to rocket up your business.

Hope you got some ideas from that :slight_smile:

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I agree with Denis here. If you have to outsource than you must charge more to clients. It’s the only way, for cheap clients maybe look into f/uf agencies. MC is very expensive to run so you wont find willing growth specialists that want to work for nothing while you earn more profit.

I work with a few agencies and most charge 2x what I do, if they can sell it. So, can you!
Try add in other things like graphic design, posting etc to sweeten the deal.