Is there any possiblity to get parmanent id ban for comment reports? What if I try to apply $1.80 by Jarvee?

I know $1.80 is more realistic strategy, but my few clients just wants spintax comments on 10 hashtags 9 top posts everyday.
Do they ban the id for several comment reports?

The value of $1.80 isn’t the comment spam.

What you’re proposing won’t bring your client any value, it’ll just make them look like a spammer.
Which is exactly why you’re afraid of the reports he’ll get.


yes exactly. I know these comments are spammy obviously.
But clients wanted me setup in jarvee in this way.
Btw, what do you suggest for better engagements that can be created by jarvee automation? (without manual $1.80 maybe.)
Any thread suggestions is appreciable.
Thanks anyway.

Story replies work decent in feedback, however, the emojis used and the filters for looking at stories need to be adjusted good.