Is there any powerlike app that will be safe to use after Instagram's announcement?

Instagram recently announced that it will fight fake engagement provided by third-party apps, and that all inauthentic accounts, follows, likes and comments will be removed.

Is there any app / service / tool that you would recommend for boosting IG profiles, that you think it will be safe to use in the future?

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Im wondering this too

My favorite is Fuelgram because it offers engagement from genuine, niche-related profiles. I think it will be safe to use because you get relevant likes and non-generic comments made by real people, not bots.


Mind telling us how much fuelgram spends per month hiring people like you lol? Cโ€™mon man, you have been exposed so many time already. Or are you guys actually bots who auto-reply in every instagram related forums promoting fuelgram lol?

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did you join now to recommend that garbage?
also guys donโ€™t visit aigrow has malicious links