Is there any tool to Scrape Caption

i can scrape pretty much everythiing problem is that there is no clear solution for scraping account of a specific country i want to know if there is a tool that do captions scraping ?
Also on Jv scraping BIO don’t find it on the scrape tool if you can help me on that too

You could always hire someone from fivver or upwork to make a script for you to do that, I doubt it’d be too expensive

to scrape account from certain country go use scrunch and choos your profiles carfeully based on contry and ER and other stuff then feed thel to J to scrap bio and caption its manual too with some chrome extention if not you can use beatiful soup in python its not really hard you can watch some youtube to make it or laybe if you’re lucky you can find one already made

edit here’s one article in that matter