Is there any tools to analyze statistics of a specific post in my account?

I just found that some of my posts had unprecedentedly high impressions and reach among all my posts.
A high portion of users reached my post are not my followers though. (nearly 60~70%)

I am really curious where the users came from as the insight report in Instagram did not show the detail.

Is there a way to check if they reached you through the Explore page or via hashtags? I don’t use IG analytics so I don’t really know, but recall someone else mentioning you should be able to at least see if you hit Explore for one of them. That’s my initial thought at least.

If you click through each hashtag for that post, you can check if any are stuck in the top 9 now, and that might be one way to determine it.

If the reaches were really come from explore or hashtags, they will be shown on the insight report in Instagram.
However, the extra reaches as I mentioned before mainly came from “others” (I am not sure if it is “others” or not in insight report as I am not using English version)

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does anyone have any idea?

Others is typically outside sources. When I tweet out an instagram post I get a few hundred impressions under others.

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but I never do any ads or something than brought this amount of reaches

Can you share a screenshot of your insights for the post in the Instagram app? Would give us a better idea of what we’re looking at.

The 1st is the post that I was talking about
The 2nd is just the normal statistics of a post

That’s odd. Very large number from others! Use Google to check if your post has been linked back from or embedded in some blog or webpage.

I second this. News sites frequently embed social media posts in articles. Like if you were to google my full name, there was an article with a viral tweet of mine about Pokemon Go embedded.

I am not familiar with this. How can I do this?