Is there any way to bulk download TikTok videos?

I found which used to allow up to 10 downloads at a time – but at the moment it is not working… it only downloaded one video with only audio… Anyone know a good strategy? Can MP do this yet?


4kdownload has tik tok I think


Is there? I want to know it too.


I also use TokDownload. It’s up and running again.
Looked like they might have had some server issues at the time.

Also noticed I’m able to download about 20 videos now, not sure if they got an upgrade or something.

Hope it helps, give it a try!

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The website looks like it’s been back online. I think their servers went down or something for a day. I also was kinda freaking out ha

Hey Marcus I had a question – do you edit the shorts you download yourself to make them “original content?” I’m concerned that just reposting people’s stuff from Tiktok to Youtube could get my channel into trouble.