Is there any way to check how many people are following a hashtag?

Do you guys know any software/servcies which is able to do this?

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I’ve done some research on this too but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything.
Looks like it’s not possible at the moment, it would be interesting to see for sure tho


This would be interesting to know. However it’s not visible on IG so not sure how it could be extracted. But if someones knows I’m interested as well :slight_smile:

As far as I caan think,we can extract which account is following which hashtag but I am not sure whether the reverse for this can be done or not,I have not find a way until now for this.

I haven’t heard about that sort of scraping as well. I am interested to see if anyone’s got any further informations about this sort of thing.

Interestingly enough, I would do this manually. Not hard to find out who follows hashtags.

Not sure if there’s any software which extracts this data, but the mere fact this was asked shows me you know the next level of hashtagging.

I’ll follow this thread incase anyone does know of something out there that does extract this data, even generally (like scraping a users following, & including hashtags in there)

A script can be made in python where we extract users,individually check them and then record it in a csv file.Or else the username extraction can be done seperately with another Script.