Is there any way you can send a DM without being friends with someone?

Is this possible at all???

Why is it that I can DM random ppl on IG but I can’t for TT??? What is this BS???

you can only send DM’s if the user is following you, that’s how TikTok wanted it, and yeah that is stupid and very disappointing.

It’s enough if you follow an account for you to be able to send message to that use. That user doesn’t have to follow you.

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how come i have a tik tok account and it shows error when i try to send a message to someone that doesnt follow me? and why does @Luca say this too?

can someone help clarify

I can’t send DM’s to users that don’t follow me, @Bianca can you please give us more details about how you do that, I mean sending DM’s to users that don’t follow you.

@darkshooter123 @Luca you guys are right :slight_smile: TikTok doesn’t allow you to send messages to users that don’t follow you. I’ve tried sending messages to some users where at first I didn’t see the message from TikTok that you can’t send messages to that specific since this user isn’t following you.

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