Is this a new scam or a real email from Instagram?


I reported this morning some accounts of people trying to impersonate me via the Instagram site (not directly from the app).

They have a form you can fill to point them to the imposter account.

An hour ago I received this email. Do you think it’s real ? Doesn’t look official to me at all and I’m afraid that I might be victim of a scam if I answer …
The information that I blurred out however is exactly what I imput in the Instagram website.

Attached a picture of the email as well as the email address.

Let me know your thoughts.

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Looks real. They didn’t ask you for anything outrageous so you should be fine! :slight_smile:

Its probably real since you reported some people for impersonation

I also found this reply on the official facebook forum:

Thanks for your answer. I guess I’ll try answering and report back.
I hope it’s real, cause I’ve been waiting for years to speak with an employee of fb/ig. I’ll finally be able to explain to them (slash beg them) why I think they should verify my account. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: