Is this a proxy problem?

Hello everyone!

well everything was working fine with me but this week things start changing , at first i had like 5 phone verification but when i tried to phone verify them i get this error as you see in the picture below and when i go to proxy manager the proxies are all valid so i went and clicked verify account to see what’s ganna happen and then the account got disabled i tried to do the same thing with other 4 accounts all of them got the same error and they got disabled after trying to verify them again

guys please help me with this i don’t know what to do is this a proxy problem or something else that i don’t know ? any help would be appreciated

PS : i have now other 5 accounts that needs phone verifacation too and they got the same error as the first accounts i will lose them again if i tried to verify them :tired_face: i am losing my accounts again please help me or tag someone you think can help me .

Thanks in advance!

Your proxies show an error.

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You are using Datacenter proxies aren’t you ?

anyway , Go to proxy manager and Click Verify proxy and then let us know the results .

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no all my the proxie are valid

yes, i am using datacenter proxies

the result is they are all valid

i dont think you can escape this ban to be honest

i think your accounts are already disabled

how many proxy per account are you using ?

dont tell me you are using 1 proxy for like +3 accounts !

yes i am using 3 accounts for each proxy

Login with the embedded browser and see if in fact the accounts are banned.

If they are not banned then re verify the accounts in Jarvee and try phone verifying again.

Are these accounts from Clients or Spam? I hope Spam ones :smiley:

i promise you his accounts are Banned

he is using 1 datacenter proxy for 3 accounts !

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Its not impossible to run 3 accounts on 1 proxy

spam ones :persevere:

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Sticky Datacenter ? at the same time ?

show me its not impossible

okay good they are spam accounts …

next time do this

if you are using Datacenter proxies
1-use only 1 proxy per 1 account , with speed very low at first max 30 F/U and increase 10 each day
2- never try to add phone number unless you were asked by IG first !

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i clicked browse when i log in the said that the account is disabled

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the thing is everything was working fine for 1 month and half , till this week

Well then your accounts are banned/disabled :thinking:

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That’s just what happens with spam accounts man. They will get disabled eventually. They wont stay alive forever if they are spamming CPA offers daily.

So you got 5 disabled. Now get 10 more going etc. Just keep doubling your banned accounts or tripling or quadrupling and beat Instagram at removing them :slightly_smiling_face:

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i don’t use cpa or anything to monetize the accounts yet i am just growing them for now

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Where did you buy the proxies?

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