Is this a YouTube Comments Shadowban?

What do you do when you set up Jarvee to auto-comment on other people’s videos, it does the job alright, but when you copy the URL and manually check the video on your browser, the comment isn’t showing?

Is this what a YouTube shadowban is? How do you get around it?

Yes, that’s right. How many comments do you publish per day? Do you use 1 proxy on each Youtube account? Even if you comment manually, your comments will be ghosted if you comment too many times using the same account.

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Each account is on its own proxy. Do you know how I can get these accounts out of the shadowban?

Also, what settings would you recommend?

Is there anything that you have in common for these accounts that do the commenting. Do they use the same text maybe? First thing you should to is to rest the accounts and make some adjustments.

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stop the account for a few days first then make sure your comments are different, you can use a spin syntax for that then use these settings

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This is super helpful, thank you so much!

Yes, @Luca has great suggestions. Try not to ignore suggestion to use spining syntax :smiley: it takes some time to create them, but it’s super useful. :slight_smile:

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I’ve always used syntax, I believe my settings were a little too aggressive.

Thanks though

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I do commenting on YouTube, but not with Jarvee. I dont think it’s been updated in a while. But You can be shadowbanned for numerous reasons on YouTube…

  • commenting same/similar text too often
  • writing comments too often without actually watching any video
  • commenting using banned words/phrases (ridiculously large amount of these)
  • if someone flags one your comments(including previous comment)
  • logging in and out of alot of accounts on the same device

Use alot of accounts, take time to make sure your text is clean. YouTube censors alot of stuff from their comments.