Is this forum dead? I missed you guys

Haven’t been here in a few years, I tried posting a Marketplace post, no action yet!


I think it’s dead now

Unfortunately so. Haven’t seem much activity.

Yeah, public forum is dead. Most activity is in private messages. It’s not surprising when anything that is shared publicly gets patched almost instantly.

Do you mean with Ig patching things we talked about very quick?

He means when people post tips on open forums IG easily sees at as they crawl everything. Then its patched in a few days. So, now people dont share.

But I think forums lose activity when its vets either quit or can find business the white hat way. Like I have moved to. So, these vets dont have time to help newbies.

I know I don’t and have had to ignore people unfortunately. (Just get so many messages and im too busy). I am very bad with procrastinating and people messging can eat into that habit, so I had to stop and even take down my marketplace thread.

A lot of the forums are 70% newbies and 30% people selling lots of different stuff and the newbies keep the forums alive and they kind of learn off the more experienced new people.

Whereas this forum is based on a program that is very hard for newbies to learn, vets wont help people learn it as they are too busy and a large percentage of newbies quit fast so the forum doesn’t gain traction.


I see. I remember early on people used to share tips openly, and it took a long while before Ig started doing anything about it. It wasn’t like immediate action from their end. So I was more wondering if that changed, if suddenly all tips shared among people here started getting patched out ASAP. There are still old setting threads so, I haven’t run auto in a bit but wouldn’t be surprised if they’re still working or workable templates. But everything else I understand.

By the way, there is so much knowledge here. Just need to use the search function or follow the different topics down the rabbit hole.
Most of the information and tactics are still current and can inspire to new ideas.
The overall principals have not changed.

Don’t worry too much about if a topic is outdated or something was discussed years ago, you will be able to ask better questions after reading all of it.

I started off here years ago and had the idea of using my previous knowledge to build proxies. Look at me know, mom :rofl:

yah this forum is dead as fuck, tried to being the forum more but owners want money to post. just go to Blackhat World…its more than this site will ever be.