Is this game over or can it be appealed?

Hi everyone,

Today I received the following message:

I bought the account about 3 months ago with 3k followers already. I’ve had it verified by phone.

I’ve had the same settings with Jarvee as with others accounts (follow/unfollow ratio etc), the content was scrapped from accounts in the same niche and mixed.

Any advice on how to proceed or should I assume that this account is gone?

RIP next account, I would avoid using the same email or domain!

I have never gotten a reply back from twitter support on account suspension!

Thanks, jas. That’s what I thought but I wanted to confirm.

When I bought the account I changed the email from the provider to a gmail email. Noted that I will need another one.

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not sure why exactly you can’t appeal if you still have that option, I would try that and see how it goes.

try to avoid the same proxy if you added one to that account.

And probably, avoid buying more accounts from that provider. Try purchasing accounts somewhere else.