Is this still possible?

So I saw this webinar of this guy where he explained he was using his meme accounts to generate traffic to other theme pages for example luxury houses, t-shirt, etc

He was saying he had over 15 accounts in total some from 30K to over 2 million in others I have checked a few of the accounts he says our his and they are true he was explaining he got them to 100K in 2-6 months and from there on it was just organic. I suppose that’s similar to M/S is that a good way to create accounts in other niches that you can later monetize.

Plus he explained that he was making around 300$ per month per account that where over 100K in shoutouts.

Just curious if that’s possible.

it is done everyday by 98 percent of the meme/quotes/100 other niches. It is common practice. Some folks I know making 40-70 k a month.

Making 40-70K a month just selling shoutouts/story swipes?

app install, $100/$50 per 1k growth services, cpa link promotions, @website traficc generators, shouts – and a whole bunch of others.
You gotta remember, they often have more than 1 biiiiiiggggg account and they make serious bank.


Does someone know if it’s safe to use the landing pages from crakrevenue?

Not recommended.

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