Is this What child accounts do?

I’ve been getting a lot of these in my message requests:

I’m female and my account is private. This had me wondering about the Mother/Child method and how they manage to get followers doing this cause it annoys the bejeezus out of me.

And this doesn’t seem to be a good way to grow a legit account. Am I missing something?

This is DMing spamming via groups. Mother/ child is when a child follows someone and then they get followed in return. the child then dms or comments for that account to follow the mother. Far less spammy. A good child account doesnt get recognized as a child or slave


Thanks for the clarification, cause this looks horrible. The names are so obviously spam like I’m amazed they thought it would work, plus since it goes to the message request section, it kind of defeats the process of looking natural. I’m surprised the accounts are still up :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Made me a bit worried to try out Mass DMing.

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Can be good for some things, still. Especially if you don’t have any other strategy

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If your Main is not attached to a Person (Influencer etc.) but rather a Theme Page, Mass DM is a pretty good Strategy.

The Technique used here is used to bypass the DM Limit. That is why they create Groups.
Creating 5 Groups of 15 People is more than an average burner Account can do in regular DM’s

I’ve seen Mother / Child Methods like this with “Engagement Groups”. Where you would always send posts of your Main into the groups with 100s of accounts. Leading to 100s of likes.
I would rather not do that because if these Methods are eventually banned all together you will see a gigantic drop in engagement.

Also Mass DM in Groups can be really bad because the 14 People that you invite in every Group can talk shit about your real account or even get together to report the account.

These spammy Methods are not really good imo.

If you Like or Follow someone they have an actual incentive to look at your Profile because you did something “nice” for them. (I think Likes are considered a nice thing in society right now) . With these Methods you are just annoying people to the max.

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and it does actually work when they dm other spammy accounts like their’s, they eventually like, follow and comment on each other account :grin:

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Doesn’t this mean you can not use the mother/child method for a legit account?

Yea Gods :roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Whelp I turned of the group message invite, that stopped the flood. :laughing:

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Well. these account that send you group DM’S only do that.
With Mother / Child your child accounts:

  • Repost Content from your Mother Account
  • Follow / Unfollow / Like / DM to Targeted Accounts
  • Not Spam People
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At least there is a solution for that :smiley:

At least there is a solution for that :smiley:

Dear lord these are annoying. I can’t understand who does this.

Would anything convert or is it trying to trick people into downloading malware?

Many of my clients benefit from mass DMs.

Especially e-commerce pages that want more affiliates.
Also, it’s a fast way to gain followers, if your page is attractive (the profile share shows recent posts).

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