Is twitter on a Account Suspending Spree?

Tons of my accounts have been suspended in the last 7 days, was just wondering if anyone else was having this problem ?

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Yup they are :slight_smile:

Worth making new Accounts ?

I had that a couple of weeks ago. But last week nothing bad happened.

And never give up! :slight_smile:

Okay will keep at it!

Now making accounts just phone number, no email as its too long winded.

how many accounts per sim can you make ?

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Last time when I was adding phone numbers to Twitter profiles I was not able to add more than 1 account to 1 phone number.

Are you able to add more accounts to 1 number?


The 10 accounts I have on Twitter which were sitting on proxies doing nothing for at least a month (except 1 account doing a bit) randomly all got phone validation the other day. But I have no experience with Twitter, or quantities or variables either, so I’m just sharing my recent experience but I don’t think any conclusions can be drawn from it.

While on the subject of phone validations, is the consensus for Twitter that real SIMs are the only thing that works? I might humour myself and still try one with SMSPVA to see what happens.

smspva also use real sims :slight_smile:
What I noticed with smspva is that phone numbers they have are often consecutive.
Also I was sometimes not be able to add their numbers to a Twitter profile. Probably because a range was blocked.
And usually after a PV on Twitter you are done for at least half a year. With smspva I had a new PV already after some days. And because that was with about 200 Twitter profiles still having the smspva number I lost all these accounts.
I again blame their numbers, consecutive. This can lead to problems when adding the numbers, but probably ranges can also get blocked after you add them, leading to a quick new PV.

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Yeah! I have managed to make 3 accounts per sim… Seems pretty good so far

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That’s cool to know that they are real SIMs.
Why is it they are so affordable then? Is it because they reuse them so much? (I’m presuming they do.)

In some countries sim cards are cheap. And if you let clients pay to verify accounts on 10 different social networks it is probably possible to make a small profit.


7 accounts of 95 Replaced! Its too hot to work at a PC in england at the moment,

Do you any tools to quickly make accounts?

Also i hope its lovely and hot where you are!