Is web browser activity seen as more suspicious than mobile app activity?

Is there any evidence that what you do on your computer can trigger suspicion easier than on the mobile app? Lets say if i add 100 people through the web browser. Is that difference than adding 100 people through the mobile app? Or is it exactly the same?

An action can be marked as a suspicious activity if you are doing something against the Instagram rules.

It does not matter from which device you are doing the actions, and there is no difference.

That is highly inaccurate.

Yes, it is, as the browser can be easily emulated/faked, while the internal Instagram Mobile API is not public and hence a enigma for most people. Incomplete or invalid requests via that API (because you are unsure what each field/function does) can also instantly flag an account.

Most people would go with: iOS/iPad OS App → Android App → Browser
in terms of trust score.

The trust score is not related to the device unless if it’s not clean, the trust score has always been related to the activities that you’re doing from that device.

You are right the browser can easily be emulated than the API, but that does not mean Instagram or any other network considers a device trusted than another, that does not make any sense, it has always been related to the behaviors/activities executed from the device.

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Well, i’m gonna test that.

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I totally agree with this…

Yeah, but it depends on how well the API was emulated on the device you’re using.

well, you shouldn’t go over the limits from both sides, whether you are on browser or app when you do that you will get blocked no matter what.

can you give us more details schoko.