Isnt getting 200 likes too much?

Hey guys,

Isnt 200 likes too much for lvl2? I mean every topic is already solved and it is as easy as using the search tool.


There is still a looooooot of topics and many thing you can help people with. Worst case you can always write up guides for the community :slight_smile:


Google changes its search algorithm everyday. Similarly, Insta, Fb, Twitter and all the other social media platforms are changing things, adding new features and always keeping things new. Hang around, read a lot, and you will definitely find ways to contribute. I joined in April and got to level 2 a couple of months back. Some people even get 200 points in a month!

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Yep but i have seen guides here that have more than 1k words and not even 5 likes lol

Pay 1$ per like.

Blackhat mpsocial


Im loving you for the likes right now, giving them back for ya :joy:


please paypal. Thanks :slight_smile: LOL

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Its about the content not the amount of words.


Hi @henrycooper I’ve been disabled at 190k I’ve tried everything. I see on here your to go to guy, and I’m willing to pay a fee please. This instagram is so important to me. I know your the best:) -Bella

Be active in the forum and you will have access to the level2 guides about unbanning your account :slight_smile:

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Hi thank you sorry for late response as new user I was limited to the replies I could give lol I tried out your guide via hidden proxies home ip address and immediately got a reply for Pic with code! Which is good enough hope for me to get this far! its been 16 hours no reply, I’m being patient as requested. Thank you so much will update you and seek your help if needed. if no recovery i will be looking forward to your unbanning process:) @HenryCooper -Bella

Can take up to 2-3 days. Excluding weekends sometimes.

Hi @HenryCooper I got a reply with the same message of disabled this time lol:) going to keep trying as you say! Fingers crossed…

Just don’t give up!

Thanks I will try my hardest :slight_smile: