Isn't the mother/slave method a full-time job?

I’m asking because I already struggle running like 10-15 personal accounts.

Perhaps you know a method, process or resource in order to make it easier.


It is a full-time jobe until the point you have everything automated. From there, the only thing left to do is to optimize and monitor the activity which takes way less amount of time.
Before that point, yes, you have to work your ass a little bit.


It’s up and down really. But maintenance is always required. At least 5x more vs 1 f/uf account. If everything is set up properly, up and running. You can get away with a few checkins during the day and the ‘end of the week review’.

But yea, it does take heaps of time actually. Also depends how smart you are :smiley: If you’re smart, optimising can go a long way. That is if there are not emergencies that IG throws at us. And those do happen.

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I don’t even look at my slaves much after they’re setup lol. Once a month I have to schedule reposts but that’s it.


How many do you have?

10 right now, but don’t plan on going above 50. It only takes like 10 minutes to schedule posts per account tbh.


Are you tagging your main account in all of your slaves posts? Or just mentioned the main account in the Bio?

Yea, 10 is easy esp if you take your time with the warm up. I’m just over 100 and I’m starting to feel it :slight_smile: It was so much easier when I was <50 :smiley: Small easy tasks become a lot more complicated and can take long time if not organised properly. I know it sounds silly, but a stupid mistake can easily set you back a few hours :smiley:


I only tag the main account when it’s a repost of my own posts. I repost HQ photos from everyone in my niche. I ask for follows via DM. I rather have several very high quality slaves, than spammy ones lol.


Yes, Jarvee :slight_smile:

Running 10-15 accounts takes as much time as running 100 - 150. You will not believe that until you have done it. Then, you’ll see there is little difference in running 100 - 150 and 1000. Past that it becomes a tad more complicated as there are a lot of scaling issues.

Its a matter of how many niches you have to be honest. Once you have set up things in one niche with 10 accounts, adding 10X more is just copy and paste.

If you need to set 15 niches, that takes bit more time, but 80 - 90% of the process is still the same from niche to niche. Heck, if you get creative enough you can even use the same captions on all posts regardless of niche.

If you think running 10 accounts is a lot, chances are that you are over-complicating it.

There are good proxy providers in the Marketplace. Same goes for accounts, numbers and even content. There are a ton of sample settings for anything between f/u and m/s in the Journey section.

Most every setting on Jarvee has been discussed at length somewhere here as well and if you ever run into an issue, you can reach out to support.

Between Jarvee, this forum and a few hours of thinking through the process and setting things up, you really don’t need anything else.


I set my slaves up with enough content for 2 years so I don’t have to worry about that.
It is more PVing and checking follow back ratio with sources. Or scraping sources separately (which @tacos is currently enlighteninng me with cause he’s my home boy).
PVing for me is more time consuming becuase I use single sims for each account. But that’s important to me as I feel keeping the same number raises the trust score. Some would disagree but I think it’s all about preference.
But I run hundreds and hundreds of slaves with another full time job. It’s doable once you learn enough. :slight_smile:


PVing definitely takes the most time once things are setup and running for me as well. All the other stuff is minor tweaks and running tests to refine what already running.

Thank you for your answers. I guess it is easy if they are all in the same niche (as it should be anyways).

Either way is a lot of work and it should be worth it. Otherwise is insane!

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