ISP Provider - Modem from another town

Please some one help me with an answer for this problem, because I can’t understand it.
Some guys from my ISP Provider, came home and they need to take a photo with my modem (provided by the ISP Provider), to have the unique serial code. They say that this modem appears to be from another town and they need to fix it. Is this a normal or real thing, because I have suspicions? It could be something about ISP Provider’s Metropolitan Areas? Thank you, and try to help me. If you know another forum, where to ask, please tell me.

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LOLWUT. What kind of spamming do you do? If your ISP had issues they would have contacted you before arriving, brought a replacement, and they only need 1 person. Have you thought about actually contacting your ISP to see what the deal is/was?

Call your ISP ask them if this was them , if not , tell them to send you a new router because your existing one got compromised by the above story and that you are really sorry . If you want to be really paranoid , give them a wrong customer ID on the first try . If they accept your wrong customer ID , these people might have done something else to your VOIP . Asking the ISP how old your contract is , is also a good confirmation that it is really your ISP , since your customer ID could been aquired by the information on your router .

And as @wortime pointed out , it would have only taken you a minute to verify the correctness via a phone call . I also wouldn’t let other people in your home when they make a surprise visit and claim to someone . Best way to get murdered , robbed or something else .


No, this is not a problem. The guys were from the ISP Provider Company, buy I don’t understand the issue that they explained to me. Trying to understand if why they need the modem’s serial. Is there any logical explication for this?

Don’t worry mate, is not about the spamming. Just gaming niche on IG. Just trying to understand the problem. They contacted me before, to verify if I am home.

Do you use proxies?

No, is not from spamming and proxies. Just trying to take some conclusions, why they need this, because is unusual. Are they trying to verify something from this modem or connection?

There can be only one answer. It’s the CIA.

:smile: I’m not from United States. But, I’m asking because I’m worried about some things I’ve done.

There can only one other thing. IT’S INTERPOL!

Maybe is the other thing: ISIS