(Issue) Engagement up and down massively on 300k followers ig account

I have an issue with my ig account which started 2 days ago,sometimes when i post my posts are shown to a very high percentage of my followers and the post gets a lot of engagement in a short time,and sometimes when i post the post gets shown to very few of my audience and it gets lower engagement than what my average was before having this issue.Is anyone having same issue or had and solved it please leave ur comments

Many accounts experience this, multiple shifts like that during the year. It’s algo-dependant, and very often has nothing to do with the content.

One way to resolve this is to interact more with your audience :slight_smile:

i posted today and the post got 600 likes in 30 minutes thats lower than my average,i deleted the post and posted again it got 1.7k likes in 5 minutes its crazy and all the likes are real they are my followers

and its not the content just like u said its like the algorithm pushing me all in on my followers feed and then barely pushing me

Sorry to hear your engagement has been inconsistent for 2 whole days & that the algo has not been pushing your content

My advise is try being patient

i noticed its like this i make a post its barely pushed i delete it and post after 2-3 mins and its over pushed way above average

I’ve been experiencing a similar issue with my IG account recently, and it’s been quite frustrating. It’s as if there’s some inconsistency in how my posts are being shown to my followers. Some days, the engagement is through the roof, while on others, it’s significantly lower than usual.