[ISSUE] Jarvee Scraping

Hi guys, hope you can help me :smile:

I am using the “Scrape Tools” module on Jarvee, I would like to find - for example - 10.000 users that used an hashtag (100K+ results).

I have loaded 50 accounts to scrape in parallel but Jarvee gives me out just a small list of 2K users.

How I can scrape a defined number of users?

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I tried scraping around 50,000 users, JARVEE got so slow and eventually crashed. That was on a VPS with 1gb of RAM, I now moved to a private server with 12gb.
How much RAM does your computer have?

are you scrapping additional information?
post your scrape tools settings please

Try not extracting additional details and see if that will end up scrapping more users.

Also, you can check if your accounts got blocked from scrapping in Actions on selected profiles / Export api scrape blocks.

Thank you Hadi for your answer!

8GB Ram (never had issue managing 200+ accounts anyway)

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I need to scrape 10K users from the hashtag “rappeurfrancais” 55K posts.

The final goal is to have email, engagement, likes and so on so I was thinking to:

  • First scrape 10K users
  • Divide the 10K users in 10 blocks of 1000
  • Scrape additional details for each block to avoid blocks.

The issue is scrape the 10K usernames…

Will look into! Is there a way to limit the speed as far as you know?

Updated to, cannot understand why “Scrape Tool” doesn’t scrape.

I have to scrape all the followers of a 2K account, I know that is possible as few days ago I scraped a 300K account so…

Now nothing works anymore, from 2K followers sometimes it scrapes 700 out of 2K, sometimes 1.3K. I’m attaching my settings, hoping someone can help me.

“Scrape Tool” settings:

“Scrapers” settings:

“General Settings”:

Can someone help me to figure it out?

Main goal is to scrape all the usernames with additional infos such as emails etc.

EDIT: Seems that is probably due to too much scraping. I figured it out since if on the browser I try to see my profile I get this error:

I tag @Hadi as I “copied” his settings for profiles and maybe you can help me?

I would like to “scrape slow but steady” and I can add many accounts obviously.

So the main idea is: tons of scrapers, all with low “speed”, that can scrape “all together”

First of all, you shouldn’t be using the API full emulation on an account that is dedicated to scraping.

If you go to the Social profile tab --> select the account with the issue --> Click on Actions on selected profiles --> Click on the button below a file with be generated you will most likely find some API blocks that are preventing the account from scraping. also, keep in mind that when using the Scrape additional users’ details option more API calls need to be done and more time the scraping will take.

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The more accounts you have setup with the tag “scraping” in your case, the better.
The API calls will be divided across those accounts.
Make sure to enable api call limits for those scraper accounts, I show you how in my other post.
When it doesn’t scrape all the users, go into global tools, ig scrape history, and click “continue from where it left off”. It will continue scraping, but note that the continuation will be in a separate file.
Make sure the target account isn’t private either or you will get a 0.

“Click on the button below a file with be generated you will most likely find some API blocks that are preventing the account from scraping.” is it possible to resent them automatically?

Seems that none of the scraper is blocked so far…

Yeah I know that additional users’ details requires more API calls and I’m good with that, I don’t need to go faster, rather I need go steady (finish the job task)

Going to remove “API Full Emulation” and select “Optimize API call” then, thank you! Will keep you updated!

Thank you so much, I copied your API call limits so I should be good.

Will also select “Continue from where it left off” but for big scrapes how I’ll know that if finished?

Is there some settings that it will just wait and continue on only a big file, so i’m sure it get finished?

When both the continue button disappears, and the status is finished, it means its done.

Will try right now!

And to try to limit requests for minutes to do not get blocked? I should able to resolve by adding here something like 15-30 seconds maybe?

Anyway a BIG thank you

Screenshot 2020-05-03 00.24.21

as you can see the block was supposed to be removed on the 2/5/2020 which is the day when you wrote your update on the forum so even if says 2/5/2020 i would keep it stopped for a few more hours or until the next day, that way i give the account some rest and made sure that the block is removed

that option should be helpful as well, what I recommend is lowering the number of users that you are scrapping, use small batches and you should get better results.

This how can be set? From profile settings?

Yeah I left Jarvee scraping and it successfully collected 10K this time (all the followers).

So I’ll now increase more the wait time for each API call, I don’t care if it take 100 users a minute or every 10 minutes :smile:

Thank you so much @Luca and @Hadi for the support!


sounds great @swissbull, happy to help :slightly_smiling_face: