Issue with automatic Hastags


I have setup an RSS campaign for twitter.
Everything is working as expected but the automatic hastag option is not working for me.

I think everything is setup correctly in MP:

anyone has some advice on this?
Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for the help.


This option will only hash the words if they are already in your post. Do your posts contain these words?


No, I am just using the title and the link to the product in Twitter due to the character limitation.
I thought that the system would take an X number of hashtags defined in that list for every post.

I might use the “Hash by minimum word length” option then.

Thanks for the clarification.

That’s the Dynamic Hashtags option. It doesn’t exist for Twitter, only Instagram.

Warning: the hashing will occur only if the maximum length of the post isn’t exceeded (117 if you have an image, 140 for text only)

The URLs for images haven’t counted as part of the tweet character length for a few months now, why is MP still counting them?

I’ll check with devs, we’ll change that.

You can also use Signature field in Overview tab and add your hashtags there. Use spyntax so MP can choose them randomly.

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